Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have updated my blog page.. less colors but still a pop to it :)))

I have not been on lately but have been sewing new things.. 

I opened up a BigCartel shop for some new items I have been making.. I will be adding some different things as well later on.

My Etsy shop is still open but I want to try to see how this new shop works out!!!

You can find it here 
Applehead Threads BigCartel

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Here is a sample of some items I'm sewing now for custom orders and have sewn in the past.

These are very popular with my stationary groups :))

These I call Sleeper Keepers.
Its just a fold down padded clutch can be used for anything.

And you can store your pretty planner inside so it won't get all scuffed up!

Thanks for looking. More updates are coming with new items!