Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well hello there...

It seems like I get away from this page longer and longer from each post. I don't intend to...
I love posting pictures on here, I love reading all your nice comments, I love making new friends!! And I do love seeing my blogger follower list grow!!! I don't beg for followers but thinking that some people out there in this big world is interested in my blog post's and want to read about it and see what I sew,, well that makes me very very happy!!! Thank's to all of you that follow through blogger reader and email!!! And welcome my newest followers!! 
It's funny because I'm a shy person and if I put in a room with all of you I wouldn't know what to say!!! But I'm sure someone would break the ice and then I wouldn't shut up.. true words..

I also noticed in my blogger draft page, I past up my 100th post and have seen  people post a celebration for their 100, 200,etc posts. Mine sneekied  up on me and I thought.. oh well.. but then I saw my very first post was on November 4 of last year. Well then I think I will celebrate that because let me tell you why.. skip ahead if you don't care!! haha
I have a habit of starting things and get bored fast. If I read a book and it doesn't keep my interest for two chapters, its gone. If I watch a movie and 15 minutes into it I'm wanting to go to another room and do laundry.. not for me... If my husband talks to me while I am reading a good book or watching a good movie I do like, I try my best to stay interested in what he is saying.. well, you get the picture here.... But my blogging surprised me. I took to it slow. I followed others first before I decided to make my own page. I think one month I had one post!! 
I saw a ad where you can make your blog into a book.. that would be something neat to do later down on the golden years road... 

Ok enough jabbering.. Since my one year blog birthday is coming up I'm going to do some sort of give away.. I got a idea and I hope it will make ya all happy!!! NO don't worry no more bags!! haha I still have some left though!!!
Will announce something on this later on in the month....

Ok I have been sewing.. derrrrrrr
I found this Little Kiddie Pouch here. I think they are so cute.. They have a pleat in the bottom and let me tell you they are LITTLE.. but perfect for little hands. I also put a key ring on them instead of the strap it called for.. I got a thing for key rings. I think they need to be on anything I make!! 
I used the Little Apples print I bought from Julie here. I love that line. I sure didn't want to cut it up either!! The Marvel Comics print I had left over from some backpacks I made awhile back.(bought at Joann's) 

 I made two more notebook covers, but you only see one right? I showed them to Liz my daughter in law to be.. and she snatched one up already, so fast I didn't have time to get a snapshot of it!!!

I have used this owl print a lot in my projects huh??? 
Liz took 3 of my fat wallets I had made up and sold two of them in one night for me!! AND got me 3 more orders!!! So after a post I'm doing tomorrow afternoonish... (you don't want to miss this one!!) I probably will be hiding in my sewing room all weekend.. come to think of it that's not a bad thing for me!! 

I did make me a new purse and forgot to take pictures.. I'll save that for a slow day...
One last thing.. my sweet friend Sasha had a little misunderstanding with her bicycle last week, it ended up her breaking her elbow.. eeks. Wanted to shout out to her that I miss her emails!! lol Go over and give her some cheer up words!!! 


  1. I've been wanting to tell you I love my bag you sent me. I used it as soon as I unwrapped it and have been using it ever since. 100 posts is so many! Congratulations!! I'm not sure how many I've done. I hope Sasha gets better soon too. She's got jumpers to knit and lovely things to sew.

  2. Wow Suzee!!!! You have been busy =D Look at all of the beautiful things you've made!!!! Thank you so much for all of the get well wishes. I sure do miss crafting. I put all of my embroidery floss on plastic bobbins today...LOL...not quite crafting yet, but at least I'm organizing =D


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