Saturday, October 8, 2011


I am totally excited!!!!!!!!!!! I just put the baby down for bed.. phew... what a kid!!!  And thought I would scour my blogs and and... and... sorry I'm excited.!!!  I WON THIS!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is pounding and I got hot flashes when I saw and the winner is .......Suzee. I go hey thats just like my name! OH wait its MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I about fell out of my chair!!!
Hold on,,, I have to go back to confirm it was really me......second.

Oh yay its me!! The sponsor hasn't sent me my winning email yet but oh yeah.. its me!! = )
I actually thought this give away was already won.. I haven't won anything for months!! (and you know I have been trying my bestest to win one of those Go! Baby's!!!) But I think this is just as wonderful!!
I went to my mom's today and she had a desk light (pretty one too) sitting on her chair and I asked where that came from and thought it was really nice for a sewing light.. really fancy.. my sister gave it to her.. and I actually wished for a light to set by my machine and wow!! I SHOULD OF WISHED FOR A MILLION DOLLARS ... and could of bought all my blog readers one lol
This calls for a wine cooler!!!

On to other news......hehe

I officially started making gifts for Christmas and to sell hoping people want to buy some little cute charming adorable handmade Suzee crafty goodies......... stocking stuffers.

Remember that thing I talked about for Facebook to sell your products??? Tab juice? well ...I don't like it.. Etsy is way better.. It keeps sending me emails saying I have sold a product and it takes me to a stupid site that has nothing to do with buying my items.. grrrrrrrrrrrr As soon as I get some time I'm taking it off..I like the set up but its not worth my time. I sent them emails complaining about it and nothing return.. hmmm.

Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend!


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  1. That IS such a cool prize!! For a moment there I thought you'd won a go baby, one day you will. Interesting about the facebook shop, at least you tried it.


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