Monday, October 17, 2011

Another wallet finished!

 Pattern is sold Here from NapKitten.

I had this custom ordered and I like it! And!!! I finally got my binding right! yay!
I did use the seam REAPER a couple of times but not so much cursing this time.. hehe

I have one more to make for another order with a purse.. I can't wait to do these as it will be done in digi camouflage !!! I just hope Joann has it tomorrow when I run up there...I haven't seen it around too much..

I cut out four notebook covers tonight. Will try to get a little assembly line going in my sewing room tomorrow. They will be going in Etsy.. unless my DIL-to be, Liz grabs those too! hehe

Remember the Ottlite I won?? They contacted me for mailing info and should be receiving that in a couple of weeks. Super excited about that!

Speaking of giveaways... As I mentioned before I wanted to do something for my 1 year blog birthday.. Next Friday (not this coming but NEXT one ) a week from this Friday..K? lol.....I'll be posting my next give away!! I haven't made up the item yet but its in the works and will be finished I promise by the 28th!
I know it was the weekend when I posted the other day about the Pay it Forward, but there is still room for 2 more people!! Don't be shy!!! It's opened for all friends near and far!! and far , far, and FAR FAR FAR away!!!  Read about it Here!!
If you do have a blog but don't do crafty things, you can send anything to your peeps that sign up with you. Everyone loves to get surprises in the mail!!! (there was one surprise I got last week I DID NOT LIKE! my electric bill did not go down as I thought it should of since we were not running a A/C or heater! what is the deal with that Mr. Remc??? Grr.)

Recently I was reading a blog ( what? me? ) and came up with a idea.. They seem to rattle alot around in my head.. but anyways.. I love to read!!! I have 3 different books going this week! I usually don't do that because I like to be focused on one at a time. But my local library got the set of books in that I've been wanting forever and they gave me all three at once.. THEN another book came in that I was on the list for.. yikes! So reading is  going on big time in this house.
Oh , my idea was to list some books I'm reading.. and I thought it would be fun if you would let me know what you are reading right now! or just finished or want to read!!! I keep a little notebook with me to mark books down I want to pick up if I'm near a used book store.. So give me some good ones!
I like drama, mystery, crime,(darker the better) and funny biography's.
Here is my list this week
-Catching Fire by  Suzanne Collins (book 2 of 3 from The Hunger Games series)
-Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich.. ( totally funny books!)
-Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski (darker detective sort of ) this is book 2. its a series too, I think there is like 8 or so out??
-Blood Ties by Jennifer Lash (I'm not sure about this one, I picked it up at a Goodwill last week.)
-I second that Emotion by Patsy Clairmont (my sister gave me this one and started it but not went back yet, its on the list!)

Catch ya later!!

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