Friday, October 28, 2011

Enjoying the last few nice days...

I live about 10 minutes from Shakamak State Park in Indiana. I grew up here, and spent tons of fun summers here!! Swimming and jumping off a 32 foot high diving board!! What was I thinking?? They took it down years ago and closed the beach down.. biggest mistake ever if you ask me..
I went bike riding here, walked the trails, and road horse trails. In the fall and winter when they would shut the park down (but you could still get in without paying at the gates) I would ride my own horse into the back way and ride the park trails. Much funner!

I try to stay away during the summer days when it is filled with campers and out of towners.. so we took advantage of this past week with the warm days we had. Its COLD NOW !!! brrr. Did I mention I hate cold!
This is the western view of one side of the lake. Its divided up into 3 lakes actually, Lake Lenape , Lake Kickapoo, and Lake Shakamak. Shakamak meaning river of long fish.
 I end up taking pictures every year this time , even though they always look the same lol but I still love it! We go out in the middle of winter too!! When the lakes are frozen over and you listen you can hear it popping and groaning.. its actually creepy!

This is the easter view. You can see the new pier they built few years ago. The 32 dive board use to set at the end of that pier.Go HERE to check it out what it use to look like!! You had to swim out to it, as the life guards would watch to see if you could swim. I was not a good swimmer and I "faked" it haha. And would jump off that thing!! I hate heights I was weird I guess...or just wanted to have fun!!

 Here is a view of Dougie hehe, he is walking back towards the way we came from. You can see on either side of him are the two lakes you just viewed above. I love going out here when its very windy, and it was a pretty windy day we was here! The wind blows across the water and  I love to hear it splash and make waves. Last year a gust was so strong it actually moved me. I had to hang onto Baby tight!! It was funny though.
 And here she is.. She loves walking here just as much as we do. By time we get going back towards the car, she walks in front of one of us and we have to carry her back some. Since she has lost some of her weight she does walk more of it. She walked the whole thing this time! Veryyy slowly. You know she has to stop and leave her doggy messages.
If you would like to read the history of Shakamak State Park you can go Here . There are pictures of the cabins to rent and the new pool..eww. I hate pools.

Do you like how I have been doing my pictures? I use a free program called PhotoScape. I love it, you can do a batch of pics all at once !! I don't have to do each picture separate. (like the frames, and watermarks)
Theres alot of different things you can do with this program.
Have a nice weekend!! Don't forget there is time to put in your chance for the give away! I will leave it open til Monday or maybe even Wednesday. But will annouce the winner Thursday the 3rd for sure.
Have a nice weekend!!


  1. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful!!!! Now I'm off to check out Photoscape =P

  2. What a beautiful place!! I used to call doggy messages - wee mail, like email. No one else thought it was so funny. I like the way you've done your photos. I've just signed up with picnic and hope to do some fun photo things using that.


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