Sunday, February 5, 2012

One day to sew ....

and I'm making the most of it!!! I have no kids in the house today and I went full swing into the sewing!!
PREPARE for lots of pics!! (some will be some things made a couple days ago but the first few are what I did today!)

Take a look into my sewing room... I wanted to make a banner FOREVER and just started cutting it up today.. I didn't do anything fancy.. just simple pendent shape.... I didn't even double it or nothing.. just one piece of fabric.. I figured I wasn't going for a chance to win the most beautiful banner so I went the easy fast route.. ( I use the easy button alot)

 I just used what fabrics I loved the most.. and even had to cut into some FQ's I didn't want to but I thought.. why did I buy this for?? I can't drool over it forever.. so snip snip...
 I have a cluttered look sewing room..I see so many lovely rooms on blogs and think.. does it REALLYYY stay that nice all the time?? really??? yeah, right. (actually this is just cleaning it up today!!) the picture above is the west side wall.. with my computer and serger hidden under those quilt blocks. ( no I didn't make them lol) my mom gave me that little shelve thingy there on my cutting table.. I love it! I put all my nice papers in there.. grinz =D
 Above that is fabric I want to use soon for some goodies..

 Above is the north wall. It has my cutting table that Doug the builder made for me.. and its has a teeny space for cutting!!! This morning that cutting space was much bigger.. don't know what happened...
Rachael Daisy little doll quilt I won in a giveaway a while back holds a spot on this wall =)
Can you spot that lol oh..and my Ottelite I won is there too!! This is like a I spy game....

 I re organized my cork board.. It was a mess. I had a 2010 calendar on there!!! geeezzz
But now it holds a cute little Owl calendar I made from this site..
You can pick what you want for each month.. I love it!! I would have a story for each little item on that board but I'll just tell you one that is funny..
There's a button of my youngest son, Sean, on the top right corner.. he was maybe 6 or 7 years old when that was taken..
We were at a department store and he always had a habit, like most kids.. of wandering off.. I can't even remember what I was looking at or what but poof he was gone.. after searching the clothes racks (he has hidden inside them before) and asking some people around me if they saw a little blonde boy.. ( I was starting to feel frightened about then) well, 10 minutes turned to 20minutes.. maybe longer.. I was getting nervous.. leaving my cart I was going down the aisles yelling for him.
A lady said there are some kids over there .. I ran over and pulled him away and was almost yelling at him .. you know you mothers what I'm talking about.. you freak then you yell, then you are like OMG hes ok.. about the time I was looking at his "deer in the head light eyes" he hands me this button with his picture on it.. in the picture he is holding a sign saying I love you Mommy.. oh crap.They were doing a button making thing for kids for their parents for valentine's day..
yeah.. well who's the smuck now.. lol But I did have to explain to him he can't leave my side for anything!! He had a smart little boy remark and said.. "but mommy it wouldn't of been a surprise.."
But that's not half as bad as once my sister had her little girl with her and her girl was throwing a fit about something and my sister said to her girl "if you don't stop this you are going to get a whipping"..About that time a lady walks up and asked if she would like to give a donation for child abuse.. omg. LMAO well she felt silly and I think she gave the lady some money. We had a laugh over that !!
Now a day's you even say whipping in public or you get a free trip to the county..hmm k
I grew up in the 70's and 80's where a butt whipping fixed it all. But of course, I only got one whipping my whole life.. my grandma. PHEWWWWEY can she use a switch!! I learned my lesson not to go out to the road!! lol

Ok back to my sewing....
oh here is a close up of the banner.. I should of put that up above . sorry

I also made a few burp clothes. Made my own pattern.. then made a little tag toy. Made these for a Zoey's new little baby cousin. they named her Choley (not sure I spelled that right?) but thought it was cute.. Zoey , Choley. 

 I made a couple of zipper bags here with just making my own size's.
Had to order some clasp's for them so no handle's attached.. These are for sale.. going to try to put them in Etsy soon!!
 I bought this yellow print from Busy Bee's quilt shop. (local shop)
It is some of the 1930's reproduction line. She has a whole wall of the 1930's line..Oh here is a pic of that wall!!

 love it.
I bought some FQ's and will be using them for these zipper pouch's.

I made another sexy zippy wristlet using ProjectsbyJane's pattern. She has helped me ALOT trying to get this zipper just right!! 

The first one (on top) I sort of messed up the zipper end.. grrr.
My second attempt much nicer!! Thank you Jane for your help!
Well I couldn't end this without a picture of Zoey-bug.. We are having some great weather for Indiana in February! The wind is still nippy but very mild for this time of taking advantage of it.. Me , Zoey and the critters (pictured in the corner) took a walk around the pond.Zoey loves to throw rocks into the run off ..Papa might have to reload the path of rocks soon!! = )
Hope all is well with everyone!!! 


  1. Oh my gosh Suzee!!! LOL!!! I loved this post!!! It made me laugh thinking of all the spankings and whatnot that went on when I was little. Why is it that parent's spanked so much back then???
    I really love your new banner! It makes your sewing room so cheery and happy!!! Your pouches are looking beautiful and I'm loving the 1930's repro prints!!!!! I hope you are able to sneak in some more sewing this week!!!!!!!

  2. It was so fun seeing your sewing room. I did a double take when I saw your Stars for Suzee quilt! :) Your banner is so wonderful and I'm glad you used your favourite fabrics!! The story about your son is like something from a movie. It has such a sweet ending with a valentines badge. Spankings were the thing when i was little. I bet saying Whipping to your sister makes you two laugh! So funny!! All your bags and purses are so wonderful! You're so clever to make such lovely things. The 30's see saw fabric is very cute!! Enjoy your sewing time!!


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