Saturday, February 11, 2012

A little sewing...

I was pretty tired this evening... but after my son took Zoey home to her mommy (she been here since Thursday morning) I needed to get a few things finished up.
I have a couple to finish too, but need supplies and well I thought this was a good time to get the little things outta the way!!

I was asked to make hair scrunchies. I thought well shouldn't be too hard.. I've about tackled everything else.. This is what I came up with...
 The girl wanted peace sign's. I have plenty of that fabric.. and through in some different types..
  I had a picture of Zoey modeling one but deleted it from my email and not sure if its on my phone still.. she liked wearing it as a bracelet.. while I was sewing these up today she kept running off as soon as I had one made up and then I had to go through the house searching for them..I think at one point she was chasing the dog down with one too...sigh.

Ok I didn't make those tonight..this is what I made tonight..

 I tried my hand on free motion style sewing on the machine.. is that what it's called??? And actually made a mug rug with a good finish on binding!! I'm quite proud of myself with this one. I just used some fabric I had laying in my "good pile". I wanted to quilt around the edges of the cup but got lazy and its getting late and wanted it finished!
Maybe some of you have seen this before?? I got it from Sewhappygeek. She has a few tutorials on some mug rugs there. But this one caught my eye and looked cute..
Mother nature has changed her mind again.. it was a whole 18 degrees today .. BRRR Last week it was 50's and I heard frogs and saw a turtle!  I did not go out much today. Fed the critters outside and got the mail and that was it!! I kept my jammies on all day hehehe..

I bought a new bag/purse pattern yesterday.. I tend to stay away from big purses , as in making them and using them.. (when I use them I just can't find nothing in them!) I love the looks of big purses though. But seeing my friend from  make this purse from I had to try it out.. I got the Teardrop bag.. I can't wait to make it!! (Christy from Pink Stitches is on facebook too and you can see more of her bags there!!)
Ok, its time for me to get settled down for the night....hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!
OHHH and a shout out to Sasha for getting her first sales for her BEAUTIFUL project bags !!! She's very talented!!! You can see them HERE!!
good nite.


  1. Suzee you are the best!...See!? That's why I need you here! LOL!....cant wait to see your Teardrop Bag! :D

  2. I can't wait to see your new bag!!!! And SUZEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love your mug rug!!!!!!!!

  3. Scrunchies are the best!! Are they back in fashion? They will be when people see the ones you've made. I love your mug rug!! It makes me want to drink hot chocolate!! It's raining here and I'm wearing a woolly sweater ( I call it a jumper but I've been told they're not called jumpers in the US.) It's the coldest wettest summer in a 100 years, or something like that. Brrrr!!!


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