Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sew day!

I actually finished TWO projects today!! Well, they are the same thing but two items...all in one day. I will let you all look without me writing all about it first ...

 (I think I need to move that piece of elastic over??? the left bottom???)

 Of course  they are Kindle covers..You figured that out right?
(the backs)
I made them different from one pattern. The first one I made from this tutorial  on Busyquiltingmama. If you know me well, I hate putting on ANY type of bias or binding! It looks pretty and would love to master it , but I tackled this pretty well... ( no close up shots though hehe) But after sewing it I wanted to sew another one with some changes.. I didn't put the binding on but the one side..(because that is where I slipped my cardboard in..) But after sewing it up I figured out another way with no binding at all! lol But won't do that for some time....maybe... not.
The peace sign one is for Zoey's mommy. She went shopping one day for one and thought they were pricey..yep. She asked if I could sew one........YEP! It was only a tutorial away!
The black one is MINE! No, I don't have a Kindle but its the same size of one. I don't even read books on it.. just read email's or blogs. I still love a real live book in my hands.

OK here is something else I made.. more scrunchies!
I gave some of them to Zoey, she looks quite cute in them and has plenty of hair for them! A couple more go to a custom order...actually they all were suppose to be one order but after I got them all done.. she said "oh I just need 2" ...hmm k.....

So, did you see something pretty in the back ground in all these photos? Something new??? I spy with my little eye... something colorful??? I made a new ironing board cover!!
Isn't she pretty???!!! My old one was nasty ... and when Randi on I have to say posted a sew along for one, I joined right up! Of course you don't have to join it to make one , you can go right over there and get the tutorial for one! Easy too!
I did this when I had Zoey with me.What was I thinking??? I was thinking she would be more interested in watching Caillou then what Gramma was doing...

But no..she enjoyed... cough cough.. helping me. As you can see...
I don't know what she thought it was, the iron board was laying top side down on my fabric. Looks to me like she going for the gold in bob sledding. Love that little girl =)

I took her to the library Saturday. She loves going there with me, but now she wants to run up and down the aisles. Of course its a little library and the ladies that work there know her and love all the kids.. nothing like when I was little and you had to hold your breathe the whole time in one and be as quiet as ever. My mom always asked why my face was so blue when she would pick me up....
But anyways..I been teaching her "Marco polo" and well..she decided she wanted to play it in the library. Oh boy was that fun! lol Seeing her run past the open aisle , giggling was so cute. 
I don't have plans for anything but sewing tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!!
You been sewing anything?


  1. Everything looks amazing!!! Great job on the kindle covers!!!!! The scrunchies are so cute! You should let Zoey wear one =D I love your ironing board cover!!!! Wasn't it so easy?!? Now everyone will want a new one =D I wish you lots of sewing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

    LOL!!! Zoey is so funny riding your ironing board!!!!

  2. You made me laugh so much with your comment about holding your breath in the library, sooo funny!!! Blue in the face!! Your kindle covers look so good! I love your ironing board too. Zoe's got the perfect hair for fun coloured scrunchies. She's such a cutie!

  3. I love the Kindle covers! And the scrunchies. I wish my niece would let her hair grow out, I'd get her a dozen but she's the only girl and wants to be like the boys and not worry about her hair while she plays.


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