Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Excuse the mess..I'm working on the page!

Ok, so how is this Google friend thing going to work now? I follow some blogs through the friend connect and some RSS. Am I going to have to go through ALL my list of the friend connects people that doesn't use the blogspot and add them to RSS???
A few weeks ago I noticed some of my feeds I subscribed to disappeared completely off my list..I ,luckily, one day wrote each blog I follow in a notebook and went through that and found a few good blogs I had been missing out on because they were not even on my list anymore! grrrr.
I love waking up and grabbing my coffee and reading my blogs!!!

I'm going to go over to Google and...well google up on this! And if you like, JUST to be safe and don't want to miss my ramblings and weird stories about me you can add me to your RSS feeds if you like..or subscribe to my email updates. There should be a box over there on the right...
I'm going to work on my subscription links today, I hope! I would love to add all my blogs to google+ and maybe in the long run that is their intentions...

If anyone knows what is going on let me know please!! lol Thanks!!


  1. I'm sorry I don't really know about these things. I follow blogs by clicking on the list in the side bar on my blog. It's probably the most time consuming long winded way of looking but it works for me :) I should probably check out a reader thing.

  2. Ohhhh fancy new look =D I haven't noticed any missing blogs in Reader....yet =P
    I'll keep an eye on it!!

  3. It's all a bit confusing. I have too many to write down... LOL!!! You've changed your blog appearance since I was here last night.... looking good.


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