Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mouse pads!!

I didn't want to sew last night but was in the sewing room trying to clean up and came across a page I saved how to recover your mouse pad.. OHH no sewing required! Just heated up the iron and this is I got...

I have two computers so, two mouse pads I made...

 I love this print!!! I wanted to use a lighter color fabric but the background would of shown through...I love the acorns and little squirrels in this one. = )
 See, Taz is lurking behind this one.. good bye Taz.. you watched over my web searching for a long time and you looked too grumpy anyways.. so needed something more cheery...
This project is super easy!!! If you know how to work scissors and a iron well then you are set.... 
All you need to do is take your old mouse pad and lay it on your fabric and cut around leaving about a inch extra ,then you cut the same size from Heat and Bond Ultrahold. 
Then I ironed the Heat and Bond onto the fabric wrong side up. Ironed it about a minute to make sure it holds!! Then I pealed the paper off and laid it on my mouse pad right side up. Iron that baby down again... I started to smell a slight rubber smell..so be careful hehe I tend to leave my iron on the highest setting...
After it cools I laid it face down on my cutting board and cut around using my rotary cutter very carefully.. you can use scissors too I reckon. On the first pad I put FrayCheck around the edges but I didn't with the second one.. see how it holds up.. But thats it!
I have saw some tutorials on using Modge Pod on these. I'm not sure why you would want that but this is fast and simple and no mess...

I ordered my fabric for a iron board cover sew along over on Randi's blog , ihavetosay.
It doesn't start until Feb 14th so you still have to time to join in!! You can use fabric you already have, which I did have some, but her prints looked so fun and bright I had to get them!!
Have a good week! You never know when I will pop back in = )


  1. You have the cutest mouse pads EVER!!!!! What is the bug fabric? It's very cute =D

  2. Your cute fabrics are much better than a grumpy Taz!!! What a great idea!! I dont have a mouse pad because I use a lap top. My ironing board needs a new cover though... :)

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