Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two posts in one week!!

Wow, you would think I've been busy sewing my fingers off but nope.. I just try to fit it in each little minutes I get..
But I was messing around wanting to make a different size zippered pouch and came up with this.. what was on paper came out way different!!! I've told you all before.. I can't draft a pattern for crap.  But this little darling came out looking pretty good...
 I like my little handle I made for it.. I'm not sure why lately I been picking out yellows and rose's. I'm a daisy person.. lol I do like yellow though. This fabric is from my mom. Oh it does have little daisies on it if you look close!!!
 See she has (of course its a she!) a flat bottom like her creator ...
 I didn't intend to have that wide of a bottom.. I was going for a smaller angle...oh well.Maybe I got something new going here.. I do not have any solid colors for lining.. so I went with black and white ...roses lol
If Zoey see's this I will just have to let her have it.. but she will have to love and love it first and then maybe I'll be... ok.. its your's ... then she will run to her toy box and find little things to stuff in it and I will be ..awwwww so cute.

Did you notice I tried to do a backdrop? HAHAHA I took these at night and only good light in the house in my Ottelite i won last year.. (yay) I do want to get some foam board and set something day. ( I keep repeating myself lately)

I need a name for this pouch.. so I can label it in my folders along with the other zillion patterns and tutorials I shaped like a coffee cup lol  

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  1. OMGosh Suzee!!!! LOL!!! I almost pee'd my pants...flat bottom =P Oh you are too much!!! I really do love your new pouch!! I'll have to see if I can think of a few names for ya!!!

    Be sure to take pictures of Zoey and her new pouch *giggle*


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