Sunday, February 26, 2012

I sewed..

I made something for me, myself and I.  I will show you what I made for me first as I forgot to take pics of what I made for myself and I.
A faux leather bag!
I saw this purse tutorial here  on Sew4home a few months ago and knew when I get the time to sew for myself this is what I will make.. and me did... (clapping)

 I used a softer leathery fabric.. not sure what it is?? I got a whole yard of it from Joanns remnants. They have them half off the regular price of course , but that day it was marked down to another 30% I believe???  In the end I got it pretty darn cheap! I got tons of it left to make more goodies.And it is SOFT. I lined it with a thick interfacing on the lining and on the faux stuff. I also changed the handles a tad.. I didn't care for the plastic one's they used. How would I get my fat arms in those??
No, those are not my action figure toys in my purse. I finished it with Zoey staying with us, and told her, "Zoey look what Gramma made!! Isn't it soft and nice?" She grabs it, puts in her shoulder and bounds off to the toy box...ut oh. So she got to play with it while she was here. =)
The lining has teeny flowers on it and I think teeny purple hearts. I got that at the local quilt store, Busy Bee's.

Well when I'm not sewing for myself I try to sew things for my Etsy store. Here is what I got so far. I'm in the process of getting a new camera so trying to hold off to post them up! Some things are from before but most are new things I made.( Oh , after looking at this picture, I notice I forgot to put in two vinyl bags I made from using Sasha's tutorial.
 This cute little baby I made today! I LOVE THIS FABRIC... Its called Sunny Happy Skies by Riley Blake that I purchased from Julie in her shop,

Ok last on the list...
I made a clear vinyl bag for my sister. She asked me for one like a year ago! I know, I know, I'm a worthless sister lol ..
She works in Staples warehouse and she is not allowed to carry bags in unless they are see through. I guess that way they can see if she saw some new postie notes or new tape dispensers she liked they would see she used a five finger discount.
Sooooo finally I made her one and hope she likes it.. I even made a tampon wallet to hide them little bits inside so they won't be rolling around inside.. embarrassing. 
Wanna hear funny story by me? I flipped my keys out of my purse once, and a tampon went flying out into the parking lot.. oops.and I left it..well?? what would you do??? 
But there ya have it kids.

---Forgot to add---- I used this tutorial from a free Joann's pattern called Zest tote bag. I believe I downloaded it from the site. Then I just used clear vinyl in place of the fabric choices on bottom.-------

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  1. That faux leather bag is so fabulous. I can't even imagine sewing leather let alone making it look so amazing!! All your Etsy goodies look so fun all together like that. You're so funny with the flying tampons! They DO fly out at funny times, oh so embarrassing!!

  2. Hi Suzee, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. That is a lovely bag - I haven't tried anything like leather yet (I'm a bit afraid my sewing machine will take one look and refuse to sew it!!).

    Just read your last post too. So sad about Sweety. I had to have my faithful friend, Pip, put to sleep just a few weeks ago and I miss her every day. So hard to say goodbye.

  3. Oh know those are your action figures in the purse!!! You don't have to fib to us =P They are there to keep flying tampons in line LOL!!!
    You did an amazing job on your purse!! You need to use it all the time now and flaunt your beautiful work!!
    Get that stuff posted on Etsy!!!! It looks too cute sitting on the sewing table!!!!

  4. The faux leather bag is a great shape and looks so professionally done. The rings really add to the look of the bag. LOVE the clutch made from Riley Blake fabric!!! The detachable strap is a great idea. Fancy having to carry a see through bag... that would make you clean out your handbag... LOL!!! Thanks for linking up and I look forward to seeing more of your creativity as your newest follower...

  5. Hi Suzee, I featured your zippered pouch today...

  6. Oops, I pasted the wrong address. Could you delete the previous comment. I've featured your zippered pouch at this address...


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