Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy is a over rated word

I haven't even looked when I last posted. I've been a full time granny for a couple of weeks.  In that time I got a couple days in to sew.. I did get two days in a row off , but got sick !!! GRRRRR again!
The second time in about two months.. stupid stomach bug can kiss my fat-er kester (not sure if that is how its spelled?) but you get my meaning!  I didn't get the pukies this time but I wish I would of just to get it over with.. YUCK that feeling in your stomach is enough!! I lived off barely eaten toast and 7up all day yesterday. I went to bed early (10pm) that's way early for me too!  I woke up at 6 feeling so much better! I didn't get to drink my coffee all day yesterday and that sucked!! I'm a big morning , noon  and evening coffee hound. I craved it so bad too but just didn't taste good. But this morning I made it and MMMMMMMM yummy! I got my fix! The whole pot!!! hehehehe Was I wired the rest of the day?? Nope.. caffeine does not affect me at all. I can drink a cup or two before bed and sleep like a .. well, a good rested person.
 (because babies DO NOT sleep lol) ----> grandma<------

I got a custom order finished yesterday with a matching wallet..

 I would like to move on to a different fabric print but this print seems to be a hit with the younger kids. I do like the blue!!!

I used a tutorial from Vibrant Designs blog and changed the handle a bit.. just one piece instead of two. I think I was to tie it at the top or something but just  made it one piece.
And the wallet is from Keyka lou . I love her patterns.. they are easy to follow and I got quite a lot of her patterns!!! If I ever get some more time I want to make at least one of each them!!
Hmm I can't remember if I posted these???
 I made another custom order using the pattern Go Anywhere bag from Anna at Noodlehead I do like this one!!! I'm so sure I posted about this one.. If I did.. well excuse me for being senile in my very-near-to-old-age mind.And.... I'm just too lazy to go back to check lol
(maybe it was facebook I posted?? hmmm dunno?)
Well hope you all are having a great weekend!! I woke up this morning to a lovely ice covered landscape. I let Baby (my dog to my new followers) out to tinkle and she slipped right down the steps.. I went to grab her before she hit the second step and oops too late.... down she went.. she was ok.. but well.. seeing a little chihuahua splat out all fours is sort of funny.. sorry Baby =( mommy bad. She would of laughed at me I'm sure.. and I know dogs has a sense of humor!!
I have another OLD and I mean OOOOOOOOOOLD dog that I figured up to be at least 17 years old!! she was a 'drop off" dog and we kept her around, and she has been the best dog we have ever had. So faithful and good with the kids.. it took her awhile to warm up to Doug but.. well I did too..he looks mean at times  (lol) Well anyways, I let her out of the garage this morning and she went out front where the cars come out of the doors and I couldn't believe she actually walked that far out.. but she made it and well didn't quite make it back in .......I had to go out and rescue her. Zoey was looking out the window and laughing.. (she's silly) and said Gramma.."weety haha"(her name is Sweety)  I said what?? I look out and she is trying to get back up on the sidewalk part of the garage front. Poor thing couldn't get a grip because of the ice and no traction and well she can't walk anyways.. I went out and told Zoey to walk Gramma fall on her butt and she can laugh more.. Sweety was glad to see me.. wagging her tail and smiling at me (her trademark) so I get behind this 70 pound.. and yes she is every bit of that!!! lump of hair and just pushed her and she glided off the sidewalk... she was happy and limped the rest of the way in the garage.I took this photo this past summer, she was just then losing her way to walk good. I think she had a stroke (can dogs ???) because now one of her eyes droop on the top = ( We really need to put her down.. its so hard to do that to a faithful friend , ya'kno??
Wow that was a long post about my doggies lol

Ok have a good week!!!


  1. OMG!!! I have to comment real fast...I did post about that camo purse just the last post!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! MY MIND OH MY MIND!!! forgive me =(

  2. LOL Suzee!!! You are so funny!! Your bags and pouches/wallets are turning out so nice!!! They are going to be well loved by the recipients!!! Your doggies are so silly! I'm glad you didn't fall while you were out helping your furry kids!!
    Now you are not allowed to get sick again for like a year!!! I'll have to put a care package together for you with peppermint tea and oyster crackers =P

  3. If you didn't post today I was going to email to find out where you are. I'm sorry you've been sick. I hope that's the end of it and you don't miss out on any more coffee days! I loved hearing about Baby and Sweetie. They'll be hoping Spring comes soon. I didn't mind seeing those bags again! Can't get enough of a good thing!


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