Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally -- Busy Bee's Quilt Shop.

I finally took a couple of hours out of my crammed packed week to go visit Rilleda's Quilt/fabric shop!!! Its called Busy Bee's Quilt Shop and can you believe this wonderful little shop is only a 15 minute drive from me? As I said before I knew it was there but just couldn't get around to getting over there. I'm happy I did and will be back ! = )

I didn't have a lot of time to browse and take my time but I did a quick run through and was happy to see a lot of nice , new fabric's along with some older prints. She has a whole wall of 1930's circa prints!!! (and on sale until the end of the month) I got a couple of yards of this (below) from that wall! I'm in need of a new ironing board cover and thought this would do the trick.  And I was excited to see she carried the Sewline pencils!!! I always wanted to get one of these and and put it off and put it off until now. I bought the pencil set with a package of the pink refill leads. Now any of my family and friends reading this I just want gift certificates from this store for all birthday and holidays from now on! hehe

She carries all the notions and interfacing that I would use. And LOTS and LOTS of cubby shelves full of FQ's!! 

Ok sorry here are the pictures of her shop... She carries civil war circa prints too!
Laying around and hanging up on the walls are finished projects that you can admire.
 This one below is the 1930's line.. I'll be back for some of that soon!
 The notions wall..
 I must of not gotten a picture the shelves of FQ's but these are some of the civil war FQ prints here with sample packs, I believe.

 We got to talking about things (and couponing lol) but next visit I will have a list of things I actually need to make some projects and focus on that.
She teach's quilt classes in the back of the shop as well.

I feel like I'm just as busy after the holidays then I was before, and there has been no sewing involved!! About 75% of my time goes to our little Zoey bug, and I will never ever think of her as work! She is always laughing and bubbling nonsense words out that every minute with her is a breath of fresh spring air. I loved my boys when they were little , but there's a little something extra that comes with loving your grand kids. Until you have them for yourself.. I can not describe it!!
I read on a blog recently if you put a piece of soap in a microwave it does amazing tricks.. hmmmm Ok I'm game!!  Actually it called to use Ivory so I just happened to have a few bars and I got to cutting it up. Zoey kept saying.. soap?? gramma.. soap?? what you doing?? (but it comes out "Wha ewe dewin?" I said, "Zoey we are going to make fun soap" She said, "oh" and looked at me crazy. By time she is old enough to think I belong in a crazy house I probably will be there for real.
But , I cut a piece off , put it on a paper towel and we slipped it into the waver, as she waited she was saying mmmmm hungry lol , I said no we can't eat this.. I put it in for a minute and this happened...

 It's not really that hot to hold when it comes out but the middle is very warm, so we handled it very carefully. She was totally amazed at it.

We did the whole bar.. of course we did! She kept wanting it done over and over! =)
After we got it all "fluffy-tised" I had no idea what to do with it.. we washed our hands...a lot... with some of it.. then I had a idea to crumble it up into a can. When it cools it crumbles to almost dust..
Then the light bulb broke above my head.. (not really but mentally k?) I make my own laundry soap and you have to grate the bar soap.. this is just as good as grated, so I mixed a can of it up and laundry soap made!
We had a mess to clean up, she had it all over her face too. That green shirt use to be her daddies shirt when he played T-ball when he was little. I just can't bring myself to throw some items away..  Its our "wash-dishes-play-outside-help-gramma-make messes" shirt.

wow it's 1 am and I need to hit the hay. Tomorrow my dentist gets to work in my mouth and I get to pay his house payment...yay. = / Seriously I'm getting my new crown put in, and I so can't wait. I hate toothaches. Have a good weekend!


  1. Suzee, you're the coolest!! What a fabulous fabric shop! All those lovely 30's prints! I love civil war fabrics, even though I don't use them often. The soap looks so fun. I love your description of Zoeys talking, so cute. Would you believe I've got a toothache! I rang the dentist this afternoon and they can't fit me in for 3 weeks! Owie

  2. I hope your crown goes well! You cracked me up when you said you get to pay his house payment! It feels like that! Anyway, thanks for the wonderful post!

  3. That soap thing looks fun. I will have to show my little one that trick and since I've been wanting to make my own laundry soap it will give me two new things to do in one day.

    Good luck at the dentist.

  4. Love the fabric you picked for your iron board! and I've never heard about microwaving soap. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures!

  5. Oh my gosh Suzee!!!! That shop looks amazing! I really really love the fabric you picked out. You'll have to let me know how the dentist goes. I hope it doesn't hurt to much :(
    Can I come over and nuke soap with you and Zoey? Then we could go to the fabric store =D


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