Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year and a list

I looked back on my blog posts from this past year and looking at things I had made I noticed I improved my sewing , and learned new techniques and learned there is more fabric offered then at Joanns!! I still like Joann's for the coupons and some fast fabric I need in a bind. Hopefully I will get another 70% scratch off coupon like I did last year! woohoo (used on a whole bolt of interfacing). But I've drifted more to buying the better quality stuff on line. I lean towards 2-3 favorite shops not because they offer great lines of new and beautiful fabrics, but I want to buy from "local shops" .Now I know a shop in California isn't local to this little Indiana country girl but its as close as my fingertips lead me!! I want to support the "little man" more this year. And I'm excited to go to a very VERY close and local store soon called Busy Bee Quilt Shop! I have tried the last part of 2011 to get over there but the days she is open I always had Zoey. I had visited that shop a few times with my momma (a quilter) and she has quilted the tops for my mom many of times. But at those times I didn't have the sewing bug. (or the time or day!) So that is one to add to my list to do by the end of this month!! Sad to say this business isn't on line or I would direct you to it from here. But I will take pictures!

I did make a few things this past week.
Trying to finish up some little extras I had on my list to do but had to wait til after the holidays...

Made this for a friend's little brother. He had to have a super hero cape. I didn't do much to it.. Added the fabric trim on the bottom and put ties on it .DONE. And modeling for me is Doug, my superhero in lounge pants lol

I whipped this up the other night. I have had it cut out for some time and wanted it finished. Just a little snap pouch. I forgot to lengthen the stitch length for the top. I hate when I do that! Will be making more of these, it uses very little fabric. And I got tons of scraps!

I'm making a list of Want To Do...
I had always wrote it down on paper and it ended up as a scribble pad by the phone or got lost in the oh I will pay that bill later "pile". So I thought I would add the list on this blog and that way I will see at least 3 or 4 times a week.. This list involves a reading list.. I want to re read and read for the first time classic books.. Like for example Treasure Island, Call of the Wild, and I am sad to say I have never ever read Gone with the Wind.... or.. watched the whole movie through.. eeks. Actually I want to read North and South first.. I like to read about history and thought that would be a good one to start with. So I'm on the hunt at flea markets some of the older titles of classic books. I am a big reader , I love books, I love the look of old books and have bought old books just for the looks and not the titles.  I still go to the library. Now that I take Zoey with me she has a love for books as well. I get excited when I go through some of the children's books there and see some of the originals I actually checked out when I was younger!

Another thing on my list is some things I want to do around the house.. Go through the clutter, organize better and finish painting a room. I have lived in this house now for 4 years and I have one bedroom that is only half painted!! geeez lol Oh and maybe I'll finish that little bit above the tub I couldn't reach too!(make my 6' tall son do that )

I've been going through my sewing room closet and sorting. I found some items I have to tell about in another post.. Vintage home made items.. I actually have a un finished project of a quilt top I started when I was ....younger, like teen young! And a purse my mom bought me for my birthday because I HAD to have it! I'm using that purse now! Getting a lot of complements for it.

On my list to do is also to finish out my sewing room. I been slowly adding shelves and pictures. I found this picture on Pinterest and I so have to do it for my room!

Pinned Image
original picture from http://mamiejanes.blogspot.com

And of course I'm going to focus on getting items made for Etsy. Things have been a little bit on the topsy turvy side here. Zoey's daddy (my oldest son) moved back home for  a temporarily stay. And of course Zoey comes with him most days! = )



  1. I love your New Year idea's!! I think this year, I'm going to focus working on the house room by room and making things that each room needs to make it look bright and cheery. I get too overwhelmed when I think of all the things I want to make, so breaking the house down by room will make it easier I hope! I love that picture of hubby modeling the cape and your little pouch is adorable!!! I love those two fabrics together =D

  2. Hello!! Your sewing shop adventures sound fun! It would be great to see photos of the shop you'll visit soon, I love seeing fabric shops. Your New Year plans sound good. I've always wanted to read North and South, I'll look out for it at the library. The love of reading is such a great gift to pass onto Zoey! Id love to do a spring clean of my cupboards too, I moved in a year ago over Christmas so just threw everything into cupboards and quickly shut the doors!

  3. I think I ran out of room in the last comment. I wanted to say the cape is so fun with its starry trim. 3 cheers to Doug for modelling it! And your little pouch is beautiful too!


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