Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flash backs.

I almost forgot to post these. I mentioned something awhile back about finding some things I had made and something my mom bought me in the early 90s..
Remember these "puffy" purses? I don't even know what they were really called but I call mine that. I think I wanted to make one when the seem popular way back then. But my mom found one and bought it for me for my birthday. I can still remember the day she brought it to me.. I was at work , on break sitting out on the front steps and she pulls up and gives me a plastic bag.. first I have to tell you my mom gives all her presents in plastic bags.. mom you really need to start making clothe bags! Plastic is so OUT lol
I was happy to get this purse! When I found it a few weeks ago I started using it again.. It's a bit big for me now. I can't use shoulder purses as I had surgery few years ago and it pulls down on my neck and shoulder too much. Maybe if I wouldn't carry so much stuff in there huh? But I'm a Gramma and Gramma's are always prepared!

Anyways..hehe here is my puffy purse! Those wooden handles would be excellent clubs if you got mugged! 

Does anyone remember the arcade game Q-bert? 

When me and Doug started dating in the early 80's (eeks) arcade's were as popular as cell phones are now. 
I started on this quilt top for Doug as he loved to play that game. Along with Asteroids, and we both played Space Invaders!!! HAHAHA, just thinking of playing that game made me laugh OUT LOUD! lol...oops see I did it again..
I was such a geek...errrr still am??
I managed to get this far!!! Just looking at it makes my eyes hurt and dizzy. 

 Look at the back.. part machine sewn, part hand sewn. Not sure what I was up to??? A mess...I have it hanging in the sewing room,, wondering what to do with it!!
 I have a hand embroidery pillow I made of a pony I had growing up. I will have to get a picture of that ! haha. So I guess sewing was in my blood at a early age.. I use to help my grandma tie off the little hand ties in each quilt block... the old fashion way. She use to sew on a foot peddle machine.. She use to have that old machine flying and I remember I was always so scared to get too close to the wheel I would get caught in it!!!

Do any of my readers use I just signed up for it the first of the month. Its more of a way to track books you read and read others comments about the books they finish, etc. You are welcome to add me as a friend there! I'm always looking for new books! Oh I also opened my Twitter account back up, I used it some to follow my FAVORITE actor Michael Cudlitz. If you are a Band Of Brother's fan he played Bull in that movie. ( he follows me on Twitter too! eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!) I'll be making my social media icons soon to add to the side there. I'll probably just ramble on about my sewing things like I do here! lol But hoping to get some pull for Etsy !!!!
Hope everyone's weekend went well... Ran out of interfacing, so making a fast trip to Joann's tomorrow with my coupons ready!!! I have 3 orders to finish and not sure when I will even get any of it started soon! Take care!


  1. I love your Puffy Purse!! I bet its fun to squish and cuddle. Phil calls those quilts Q-Bert quilts too, he wants me to make one, maybe one day.. It's not an easy one for a first quilt, you did well to do what you did. It's fun picturing you guys playing computer games wearing 80's clothes with 80's hairdos.

  2. I love you purse! It looks so squishy!! It kind of reminds me of the papagalo (sp?) purses with the wooden handles! Ohhh arcades LOL!!! I wonder if kids still think that's fun these days or if they just play Wii and x-box LOL!!! You should definitely finish up your Q-bert quilt!!!


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