Friday, January 27, 2012

A fast post...with a lot of pics...and a funny one.

I noticed in my past few post's I ramble on and on about stuff!! lol but today I won't , I promise...kindof tired and wanted to get these pics posted before I totally forget...again.
I made another Posey Wristlet !! Well , actually two.. 
( and don't scroll to the bottom to see the funny pic.....ATTT no! wait!!) 

 This one is for sale and hopefully get it on Etsy soon! I been trying to make a few things to add.. one day...
(Thank you Sasha for permission to sell some! )

I made something from a new pattern I purchased from
It's called a Sexy Zipper Wristlet.. (because it has curves) hehe

 I really liked making this one , and the zipper is done abit different then what I'm use to doing. I also made a few new labels.. I usually go all out and print them on sticky stuff and iron them on ribbon.. I wanted to do something fast and different. My mom gave me one of those old school label makers, the one you have to painfully and carefully apply EACH teeny letter to the base?? Then I just stamped it on some twill tape.. Easy peasy..
Next on my list.. 
I made these bookmarks.. or wait ...
or are they business cards???  
Another easy peasy project!! I wanted to make some bookmarks for my local library and always make them for the kiddo's , well thought maybe the adults would like some! And hopefully get some sales on Etsy lol
My fav are the Little Apple prints.. (the second in second row and the last one in red, for my non crafty people) And the little panda.. love that one too!
I love when I combine my sewing with my paper !!! = )

Ok best thing I saved for last.. I haven't posted Baby for some time..
Here she is in all her glory.. I enlarged it so you all can read.. I was going to edit and thought.. oh I'm so sure everyone's house looks just like mine!! Its been Zoey'tised...
I had her Thursday and took this tonight (Friday) lol I past that paper she is sitting on all day and still can't pick it up...sigh.
Baby has gained a bit of weight as its been too cold to go out for our daily walks everyday. I take her out and she runs to the trees, or trash can, or tire wheels reading her pee-mail and replies and off back to the house!  Today it got up above 40 I think.. so she took me back around the pond behind our place.
Doesn't she look like a bowling pin???
I finally got a day for ME and went to get my hair done!! I thought it was time..
Ok ,ya'all have a great weekend!!


  1. I absolutely adore your new pouches!!! The "sexy" one is cute!!! and of course the Posey Pouch always looks cute LOL =P I'm so happy you are finding little bits of time to sew!
    LOL!!!! LOVE the picture of Baby!!! Look how cute she is!!! She doesn't look too much bigger to me...still a healthy weight =D I can't get over the look on her little face!!!!

  2. I just cracked up laughing, I bet you heard me!! That photo of Baby is so cute and funny and the way you've labelled it is hilarious!! OMGolly, I have tears in my eyes from laughing! Okay a few deep breaths.. I love your wristlet, the curvy comment made me laugh too :). I love your new business cards. I'm always so impressed by your labels and cards.


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