Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My winning giveaway and Goodwill

Hello people!! Hope you all are recovering from stuffed bellies and messy houses!
Its always a big rush to the finish line then its like POOF its done..I'm glad its done. I sewn so much I need to get my machine cleaned out good. My bobbin winder stopped working and my machine is whiny.. (sounds personal huh??)
But anways...I missed my posting.. I looked back and only did 4 posts for the whole month of December! EEK.
I'm recovering from the stomach bug and it was a mean one.. It hit me hard, was up all night and I mean ALL night 2 nights ago with my head over the toilet.. Thank you sister Debbie for giving me a thoughtful gift lol 

Well, I won one giveaway from the Sew Mama Sew giveaways this year. Last year I won several but I guess I had to let others win once in awhile! = )

I won this cute little mug rug from The Crafting Fiend. I received it today. I love all that green! One of my favorite colors. Look at that little embroidered coffee cup !Thank you Jen!

Do you see that adorable little mug there!? I found a great deal shopping at Goodwill a few weeks ago. They had 6 of the cups sitting on their shelves among all the other chipped mugs and glasses..(These were not even the slightest chipped or scratched!) I paid .49 cents a piece for the little cups. Then I look over and OHHHH matching saucers!!! There was a bundle of 8 for .99cents!!!!!!!!! What??? I snatched them and grunted at this other lady eyeballing them and she walked away slowly..hehehe I normally don't buy a lot dishes there after looking at the bottom label I about fell over.. It had a LOT number on them and said JAPAN..
After getting home I got on Ebay and looked up the Tulip designs coffee cups from Japan and got This!!! Well I was a scrappy happy camper! There is even a matching creamer set available.. hmmm
Doug said wow you could put them on ebay and make a small fortune. Well no I'm NOT!  This is my great find of the year.. and besides they are cute!

I redecorated my blog page.. go over and see it!! It's bright and cheery and I just LOVE it!
I have my Etsy shop closed for now.. Hopefully I will be getting new stuff made soon and get some stuff put back in there. My long term goal right now, but could to start a quilt top..I'm wanting to skim the patterns I want to do then narrow it down.. I'm skeered! My squares might turn into ovals or something wild like that lol

I have to mention that Doug got me a new rotary cutter with a package of blades with it, he only knew to get me those because I lost my pair one day and was tearing up my already messy room and couldn't find them.. After not needing them (as it always goes) I find them in a box of scrap papers..hmm wonder?  So he did good this year lol

If I'm not back before New Year .. have a safe and happy one!


  1. I love the new blog look!!! I really do!!! I'm still so jealous that you found those mugs at Goodwill!!! Such an awesome find!!! And your mug rug is adorable!!!!!!

  2. Such a pretty mug rug! And fabulous mugs!! They're so pretty and such a treasure! I just love finding special things in thrift stores, your heart starts racing. I laughed so much when you said you grunted at the other lady! Enjoy your cups of coffee/ tea in your lovely mugs on their wonderful mug rug.

  3. Hopped over to have a nosey at your blog :) Thanks so much for leaving your comment on my digiscrapping blog. I love your blog design here, very colourful which is just the way I like them!

    Just having a nosey about now :)

    Take care, Louise x

  4. Glad you like the mug rug! those cups are adorable!


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