Monday, May 28, 2012

Round is good

Sometimes I like thinking outside the lines.. Last year I made a round purse.. and loved it.. but the colors looked too Christmas"y"  so finally after searching for the pattern I had lost... I  made me another one using Apple Of My Eye by The Quilted Fish.
 I knew when I bought that fabric I would use it to make me a purse.. It turned out so cute!!!! (pat myself on my back)

One side..
 Inside minus my junk .. thats 4 pockets !!
 Side view.. its stands good!
 Second side..
 Inside with junk.. I have made everything inside my purse too lol
You would think the stuff would not fit right on the bottom but they lay in there pretty good and not crooked.
After I finished it I wish I went with my instincts to just quilt stitch along the seams.. The pattern called to quilt it this way.. me dont like it very well..but I don't notice it while carrying it..
I still have to wash my markings off! oops
I got the pattern from the magazine Quilt World, October 2010 issue.
I think I will adapt the pattern and try to make a square one next time. And I think it would be neat to add a detachable shoulder strap. I like little purses but sometimes need to swing it on my shoulder...

I've been digging into my toddler size clothes patterns. I just ordered more fabric lol So I really need to get busy with more clothes for Zoey.

Do you like the watermark laying in that way?? hmmmm is it too distracting???

Well,, I entered about 25 give aways.. and so far Zip.. nothing won yet.. = (
 How about you?? anyone win yet???


  1. Is it hard to carry the bag? (with the rectangular handle) I'm someone who prefers shoulder bags. I like to throw my stuff into it and just go. So no zippers or closure for me. I entered more than 100 giveaways. I won nothing.

  2. Absolutely adorable!!!! The watermark is light enough that it isn't too distracting. I didn't enter any giveaways lol!!!

  3. I didn't notice your watermark until you mentioned it, I was too busy admiring your awesome round purse. I only entered about 5 giveaways but i didn't win. I remember one year you won lots of things!!


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