Thursday, May 3, 2012

It was bound to happen….


I think my odds were playing against me this week.. all in one day too! But another day came and I finished something I started last week! yay!

Couple of days ago me and Zoey went out to check the tiny baby chickens we purchased so our “pet” chicken could have some friends to gaggle with..or cluck or whatever they do together..

We started keeping them outside in a enclosed and sealed truck topper that set on the ground. It has a hinged door that lifts upwards. I put a large log in front of that so that they couldn’t get out.. well……that wasn’t the problem. It was things getting IN! GRRRR We are thinking a possum or raccoon lifted the door with their little human like hands and helped themselves to chicken dinners.Then I’m sure the stray cat population around me helped themselves to a few… I had the windows open that night and was up reading late and never heard a thing.. Me and Zoey went out to feed them and I saw the door up.. ut oh. I walked towards it and there were little feathers and some yucky stuff laying out.. Zoey saw that and said ewww the chickey pooped.. lol I peeked inside and saw a couple more “pooped out” chickies. I lead her away and said oh they are fine they don’t need to eat today! Sooooooooooo we still have the evil pet chicken left. She was kept in a cage in the garage because kept pecking the heads of the baby ones.. geeez

So we are looking for more baby chickens… I use to throw out scraps to the wild cats and all but no more. They do not have good manners…

Well the day kept getting better.. Me and Zoey went out to feed the fish.. (don’t worry none dead! ) But my cell phone is.. like sunk to the bottom. Zoey likes to about throw herself into the water along the edge. So I’m holding her and  my phone rings.. I lead her away from the edge . She let go of my hand about the time I answered my phone.. It was like slow motion.. I grabbed Zoey back and my phone like JUMPED out of my hand and did a belly dive into my pond. plop.

Me and Zoey just stared at the water. Then she goes… hehehhehe……mamma! OH NOOO YOUR PHONE!!!!!!! and kept babbling something in two year language and shaking her head.. ok, Zoey I get it.. Grandma is silly, but I saved you! lol The she said.. I’m sorry Gramma. awww I said wasn’t your fault.. Me and Doug tried to find it.. that water is cold and stinks.. fish poop..yuck. I said ok I wanted new phone so its gone ..

Later in the day my sister was in a car accident. She is sore but ok. But the guy that rammed her in the rear end isn’t feeling too good. He was air lifted to another hospital. I guess sis was saying she was going the speed limit (60) and she looked at this car speeding up behind her and just thought he would pass her in the other lane.. No I guess he thought the road was only for him and ran right into the back of her car. Next thing she knows glass from the back window flying around her and she bumping into something else.. He was probably yacking on the cell phone,, how can you NOT see a car in front of you?? hmmmm

Ok sorry I’m rambling on again.. I’m sure you have better things to do.. Here is my pictures of the week.. I wanted to make me a new summer purse.. I didn’t know this thing was so mammoth! So maybe it will be my library bag lol

Whadda think??



I found this tutorial HERE by TeresaDownUnder. I feel in love with the minute I saw it! Then I knew at last what to do with all the scraps Sasha from Stitchedbysasha sent me.(thank you again Sasha!) Then I dug around in my fabric stash for the lining and bottom. Its bigger then I thought it was going to be.. I think I cut the squares down to maybe 6 on each side to make a smaller tote.. I added the pockts inside. I haven’t put a button on the top yet..

PHOT0078I took the pictures outside today. I have the house closed up as we went from 60 degree weather to 85 weather in one day. So I keep the blinds drawn and the A/C on to keep it cool inside. But Baby was sure enjoying the day outside. She doesn’t tolerate much hot weather. So have to keep a eye on her outside. Her diabetes doesn’t like it. So you know she is spoiled because.. isn’t Chihuahua’s ancestries from Mexico?? lol

Oh last thing.. I was at my local library and well…bought more books at the book sale.. I CAN NOT PASS UP BOOKS! cheap books at that! I bought 6 more! I hope they sell them all before I go back lol

I’m still reading I Know This much is True by Wally Lamb. Its very good.

Have a good week!


  1. I'm so sorry your week was so awful. One thing after another, huh? Most of all, I'm so happy your sister is ok!! The accident picture was so scary :(
    Your tote is incredible!!! I think I'm going to have to copy you and make one for myself =D is squinting in all that sunlight =D

  2. Some days you just shouldn't get out of bed. What a shame you had one of those days. :( I'm so glad your sister wasn't badly hurt. Funny about the evil chicken safe in the garage. Your new bag is fabulous!! I love your patchwork on it. Hello little Baby sitting in the sun, watch out for the evil chicken!


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