Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank God I'm a Country Girl!!

I'm running out of post titles....

This weather really bit me bad. I am outside a lot and not did a whole lot of sewing. Which I probably needed the break anyway!
Me and Zoey are usually playing in the sand or taking Baby for walks around the pond or going to a poultry farm to watch all the geese, ducks and roosters.. She is fascinated with roosters. She was crowing like one before she could walk. I'm so glad she is a county girl like her Mamaw!!
At the farm the big geese were honking up a storm, and following us along the fence. .Zoey finally said "YOU ARE TOO LOUD!!" lol She loved the big turkey. It gobbled up a storm at her. I told her he liked her and she wanted to pet it.. I said no he on guard and can't be disturbed. She helped feed the fish too, she even ended up calling my friend Granny LOL

We had a wienie roast down at the pond one day while she was here. She kept eating the relish out of the jar. Then she found a water bottle Doug had laying around and started squirting the fire and making it hiss. She always has to be doing something...
She loves walking in the "jungle" as she calls it and we find frogs and turtles and all sorts of critters.

We got our baby ducks!!! We ended up trading our pesky chicken for them. One crazy chicken for 4 ducks is a great bargain. plus they are funner! Zoey seems to think so!
As of today they are 5 days old. I put them in the smaller fish pond we have in our back yard first time yesterday and they went CRAZY! One of them is a dare devil and dives all the way down to the bottom and comes back up. Its fun to watch them play. I grew up with ducks and  gathering the eggs was usually my chore. They are soo good to eat!!

Yesterday me and Doug sat back by the bigger pond and it was so peaceful and the wind was blowing. I probably would of fell asleep if it wasn't for those pesky horsefly's swarming us. They hurt when they bite. But I'm so glad to live where we do. We have lived in bigger city's and its just not for me.. but at the time we didn't have a choice.. like the saying.. our home was where the Air Force sent us.

Here is what I have been making though! I made my own wallet pattern. I mean it wasn't hard at all. And there are a ka-zillion wallet patterns and tutorials out in crafty blog land but I wanted to make one for from me!!! = ) Actually this is my second pattern. The other one is a checkbook wallet I sell in my Etsy shop. I might make a tutorial out for it someday.
My plans were to post the free tutorial today.. but I need to wait for a few more weeks.. as I have something planned for this tutorial in a few weeks, I will keep you posted!

Here are a couple I made so far..This is the first one I made. It was taken apart a couple of times and I used Velcro on this for the closure. My thread bunched up in a couple of spots, I'm using this one now. I have to try it out before I send it out to the public!!!

 Plenty of room for cards in your pockets and a cash pocket behind it.

Then the second one I made I thought it could go to the Etsy stop.. Well I had to scratch that off..
I used a bigger seam allowance on the top of the card pockets and if I would of sewn around the outside edges to finish it off, the cards wouldn't fit.. GRRRR
So its in my grab bag I keep for presents or if one of my nieces needs something...
But this little lovely is my final outcome..

She is made perfect! Well I think so lol
I used the new fabric I received!! Apple of my Eye. I LOVE APPLES..and these are just so yummy.
You can purchase it from Julie in her shop at The Intrepid Thread. If she has any left! I bought a half yard bundle of the whole set.. hehe

(I hadn't put my snap on it yet.. I decide the snaps looked better then Velcro.)

Here is my new yummy fabric Apple of My Eye.
I took it over to my mom's yesterday and told her pick out any thing she wanted.. ( So there is 4 missing) She picked out 4 half yard pieces. I told her to make something for herself with it. She is always making things for everyone else.
I'm not one to buy alot of fabric and figure out what I make with it later on.. I'm more like ok I need this for this project now and buy it when I need it.... well I think I'm changing my ways..I already have my eyes set for Dress Up Days!!!

I do have one more thing to show off..but that will be next week.
I made a new planner cover for a simple little composition note book. I didn't interface it or nothing but I'm going to make another one soon and pad it with fusible fleece. So more Apple of My Eye will be in use! = )

Here's a little eye spy pic for you.. I lost my seam ripper......again....... can you find it for me???
* actually I'm showing off my new cutting mat I bought with some of my gift money from mother's day.
Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!


  1. The second picture of Zoey is my absolute favorite!!! She's making the cutest face. I'm so happy you two have been enjoying the weather!! You have been sewing a little!!! I love the new wallet!! I can't wait for the tute!!!

  2. I used to live in a village and we had ponds and a stream next to our house. When I lived there I was just a kid and I thought it was great. Then I moved to a flat and realised I much prefer living in a flat. Over here we don't eat fresh duck eggs. They're preserved in salt and eaten fromm the shell, cut in halves. Very unhealthy.

  3. I love your day with the country birds! It's so wonderful that Zoey gets to see all these ducks and turkeys and that she's not frightened of them. I like the country too, the city was fun when I was younger but I love living among trees now. Your wallets look fantastic!! You are so clever at making things like that. That apple range is so fun! I love that you shared some with your mum. Happy Memorial Weekend to you. I'm not quite sure what it is as we don't have a Memorial weekend here in Oz.


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