Monday, May 14, 2012

New things..

Ooops I didn't get my post out this weekend.

I want to wish all the mothers and grandmothers a late happy mothers day. WE LOVE YOU ALL! I don't know about you but it should be mother's day every single day.
I went to my mom's for the day. I don't get to visit her as often as I like.. when I do its not to sit long to chat or nothing. So I packed up my huge tote of sewing goodies and off to mommas I went. I sewed some things I needed to finish and she worked on her laptop. Then we ate lunch and ate home made from scratch coconut cream pie......MY FAVORITE!!!

I've been working on new patterns.. Just some little items.. I worked out tutorials for these but no pictures yet to go with the tute.
Some of you know I love paper, pens, anything like that. So I made some little nifty things to put the paper goodies in.
 and open...
Then pink and white one on the top right isn't finished.. lol there's a pin stuck in it..I'll be making more of those flip top one's with some children's prints.These will go in the Etsy shop. Each one of these pattern's are mine. I actually measured out and everything!  There are tons in blog land similar and I wanted my own .. grinz = D

I received some goodies in the mail last week!!! All the way from Singapore!  My friend Jane from ProjectsbyJane blog takes care of her friends and I'm glad I can be one of hers! =)
Aren't the colors so colorful and fun!!! It came with a skirt pattern. The skirt sizes start at 5-6 so I will have to wait to make that for Zoey and well.. I don't think it will fit me. I will be making Zoey something from the fabric though! cute cute cute!! Thank you so much Jane!!!

I do not know how she knew I loved orange and flowers and pink is always fun!!!! but she hit the mark...
There's some white fabric there peeking in the back of it too..

When I got home from my mom's I saw a small envelope sitting on my desk. It was in my oldest son's Stephen, (we pronounce it Steffen) handwriting and I thought awwww he got me a little something..
It was a gift card for Joann Fabrics. for......$100.. gulp.  I'm itching to go shopping!!!
For my own mother's day gift I bought myself a new camera!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell from my photos how colorful and rich and NOT BLURRY they are!!!!!!!? I'm not one to get all fancy and the best thing out there on the market.. but I wanted SOME quality and after Sasha showed me one she liked and her hubby reviewed it for me I was set. I hate to think and think about things. I make my decision and want it today. I purchased the this Nikon. It was on sale a week ago and with free shipping I went for it. For the price its a great little camera. I've not played with the video settings or nothing else yet. I've hardly had time to take any pictures if that..

I've been going to my local library every week because they been having a book sale.. I think I have purchased about 30 books for .10 cents to .25 a piece altogether. Last week they told me to come back on Monday and take anything I wanted.. I got about 5 more books.. lol.... and about 15 VCR movies.. yes I said VCR.. some of you young dogs and cats out there are probably googling that word .. I even had a VCR player stored in my closet.. (NO I'm not a hoarder.. but hey you never know when things come back in style!! ) I still have my vinyl lp's and small 45's too from the 70's!!! And they are coming back ! yay!
Anyways.. the movies I got are from Zoey. Disney movies mainly. We watched The Fox and The Hound today and she kept asking where Mickey was.. lol he was in the previews..

I want to announce something but I'm waiting as I have to wait until its official and final.... no.. I'm NOT pregnant. so get that idea WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of your minds............erase that thought.. NOW!
I'll be 48 in June.. I think... for the last 3 years I've been telling people I'm 46 .. just to keep it save ya know??
But hopefully I can tell you later in the week my surprise.........eeeeeeeeeeeee I'm excited!!!!!!! It has nothing to do with blogs, or sewing either.. lol

Look what my momma made.. She bought a pattern at a yard sale last year for a quarter and threw some scraps together and this popped out.. she hand quilted it. I love it.. It doesn't matter what kind of scraps she works with they always turn out like they were meant to be. There is a little bit of everything in there.

A game for ya.. one of these pictures has something extra LOL

My pet chicken tried to hop in my car today...sigh... she is about to go for a ride to my neighbors that has ducks and chickens.. see how many I can trade for her for some ducks! At least they will stay down at the pond!!! LOL

Have a nice week!!!


  1. What you made to hold the notebooks is really cool. I'm quite a notebook person - I own a lot. And people keep giving them to me. I draw stuff in them for future reference. I don't know if you sell them WITH the notebooks but that would sweeten the deal. Here at craft markets, some people sell handmade notebooks and they sell like crazy.

  2. Your mama's quilt is beautiful!!! I love the extra foot in the picture LOL!!!
    I really love all of your notebook covers! They turned out really really nice =D
    I can't wait for you to blog about your surprise!!! Post pictures of the ducks if you get some =D

  3. You make the most wonderful things! The photos are so crispy clear, you must be so happy with your new camera! Those fabrics are lovely, how pretty is the skirt fabric! Your mothers quilt is amazing!! Such a great pattern, and looks wonderful in the fabrics she has used. The foot made me laugh!! I wonder what your surprise is?? I hope your chicken will be happy in its new home, the ducks sound like fun!!


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