Friday, May 18, 2012

Its all about the planning!

I didn't sew a lot to post but I did get new Etsy things posted up, sooo I guess I did sew!  = D

I added some new notebook with covers and little key chain pouches.

 Clicky on the Etsy store over there to check them all out!!

I wanted to share a planner that Katrianna over at PrettyChaotic sent to me to review that she has put together and its a great , PRETTY and functional planner! I myself am , like, obsessed with planners, notebooks, anything like that. So I very excited to get to review this one! Thank you Katrianna!

It follows a August 2012 - July 2013 Academic format. I printed a few pages out and it looks great! Its pretty simple to put together as well. Print and cut in half to make a 5.5" x 8.5" half size planner. You could punch you holes and put in a binder or take it to your local office supply store to have it bounded. When I made a bounded planner a couple of years ago my local store only charged one cent a page! plus the wire or plastic binding.
Here are a few pages to see for yourself.. Isn't the cover page pretty!!

 There are the monthly pages with lots of room to write your appointments...
 Pages for lists...
 More lists pages!!! (I love the check off boxes myself)
 There are weekly pages with a space for each person to keep reminders. Here she shows how it's filled...
She has some more images on her page at Prettychaotic if you want to view more. 
(Katrianna gave me permission to use these photos)
She has it marked down to $10 right now to print !! Regular $15. 
I think this planner would be a great family and blog planner !! Go check it out!

Well, I was going to participate  in the Sewmamasew give away day but things are just to hectic here and I did not get anything together to give away = ( 
But I will enter a few !!! That's always fun!!! 

So, last post I said something about exciting news for me.. I think its safe to tell a little bit ..I was just nervous about talking about it before it was official for us. 
This is going to be the view of our NEW front yard!!
See that house waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there in the front, its the house I live in now. The tree line on the right of the picture is the driveway from the road. 
 Then just left of that is another part of the new front yard.. our little pond. We decided to build a full basement with rooms on top. I think I'm more excited of my new sewing room that will take up 1/4 the of the basement! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

We will let my oldest son, Zoey's daddy , rent the house we are in now. I TOTALLY CAN NOT WAIT! 
But the guy we thought was going to dig it out did not show up to go over the layout nor did he call back for 3 days!!!! So, now we are in search of another contractor.. UGHHHHHHH! People doesn't want money or what???!!! 
And plus we have to wait for my neice to move a house trailer off that sitting back behind where I took the photos. She is in the process of that .. yay! 
So,, anyways that was my exciting news. lol
Hope you all have a good weekend! 


  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm so so so excited for you. I'm sorry I can't do a little dance too, but maybe when my back feels better =P I can't wait for you to post progress pictures!!!!
    That planner is super pretty!! It would make a really great gift!!
    Love your new Etsy items!!!!! I know you are going to sell lots!!!

  2. Thanks for the love! I'm really glad ya like it and look forward to seeing how you used it! Remember if you want anything custom I'd love to do it for ya! :)

  3. Hey Suzeee!!! That's so exciting!!! Your key purses are beautiful!! I love the one you gave me. The planner looks great! Imagine how organised you'd be with that. I hope your next contractor is the right guy for the job.

  4. Sounds like you're building a whole house! A basement with rooms on top sounds a lot like a house. I make my own simple planners with Word. I type in the kids' schedule and stuff for each month. Thing is people give me a lot of book planners. I end up putting them in drawers and never using them.


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