Monday, May 7, 2012

Indiana weather

I think mother nature likes to trick us "hoosiers" from Indiana... Once we put away our boots and jackets she is like HAHA POOF! its cold out again.. Then we walk out bundled up for the day and poof! HAHA you are peeling off layers.. Warm weather I do NOT gripe about..I love it. I love having the A/C on through the night and snuggle under the covers.. I know I can do that in the winter, but knowing I can also just go outside bare foot and not have to worry about warming the car up, or shoveling snow for Miss Baby for her to do her wee wee's. Yes I go out and shovel a little path out back and a little area for her to potty.. I would want someone like myself to help me out like that. If I would have to go out in the middle of winter to pee!!!!! lol
I just pray when I get older and frail (I'm about 60% there) my kids will WANT to take care of me, as I did for them. They can wipe my behind and feed me runny foods as I did them.. HAHA on you kids.. its in the Will! hehehehehe
But I don't know , that might be child abuse now days..

Not too much sewing this week. Been spending time outside while its nice and we bought Zoey a sandbox and she loves it. She calls it "building" .. Lets build gramma.. so I'm in the middle of it all piling up sand and she is smashing my castles.. kids always picked on me. I call her the Zozilla of Embury Road. Embury Road is the road I live on but they don't call it that anymore.. Its been changed so many times.. now we are down to numbers for 911 . They still can't find us...but anywho...

I made a mini charm square tote bag adapted from last weeks tote I showed.  I just put less squares in.. very technical ! hehe

I used a tutorial from Teresadownunder blog and just sized it down. My fabric stash of pretty fabrics are getting LOW.. So I had to make do what I had.. not too sure about the bottom gray?? Or the handles..

I made new business cards! Since I changed my Etsy store name and my email for contact orders I had to get more cards. I got tired of crossing out my old address and writing teeny tiny on the cards..

I am broke , like in 30 different ways right now. With a new tighter budget (hopefully temporary! ) , I set out to make my own. I looked around the web for ideas and the one's that really popped out to me where the sewn cards. Some were like all sewn. I had no time for that.. So I went with a simple little strip on one side. Aren't they cute? AND FREE!
Ok lastly, I made these for my shop.. Just a little fun item. Women's personal hygiene wallets. Aren't you tired of fumbling in the bottom of your purse to find these ? Or pull out your keys in a parking lot and one goes flying?? (lol remember that story?) They are listed in my shop now. I'm going to be making walletes and some key chains soon too. My bigger items aren't doing so well so thought I'd put something up to fit a smaller budget.. and I have FREE shipping stateside!! I do ship international of course with a small set fee for shipping...

Enjoy your week!!


  1. Your patched bag is nice. Why did you change your Etsy store name? It feels like so much effort. Must be a big reason. My brother says that it's cheaper to print name cards professionally if you factor in the cost of toner on your home printers. Sometimes I print using my home printer and get my kids to cut. They're always grumpy to have to do it. Can't imagine them wiping my ass!

  2. Your bags turned out so cute!! haha...the tampon wallets are so funny, but such a good idea!! It's been so muggy here, but it's pouring rain now, so hopefully it cools down a bit!!

  3. You always make me laugh!! The weather does like to play games!! I love your patchwork bags, such fun fabric combos, I like the grey. Your business cards are so clever with the fabric sewn onto them and I love your little smiley dooggy logo. The PH wallet is a great idea, it IS embarassing when they go flying everywhere!


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