Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy me

= )
ok, on to better things... lol

Not going to be a long post..I promise.. Not been myself last few days.. I want to sew, then I don't, I want to read, then I don't.. ugh. Then the temporary replacement phone I was using broke.. so I looked all over for the phone I did want and none .. out..gone. So found one to order and it wont be here til later next week..grrrrrrrr Along with some personal matters , things were not good this week = /

 Here's what I did manage to do.. 

 Its very hard to keep a 2.5 year old to model without moving arms and legs.. so the pics are fuzzy because of that...(and don't look at my messy areas in the background lol)
The fabric I used in this pillowcase dress was a gift from Jane over at Projectsbyjane. I knew after I saw this fabric it would be a dress for the Zoey-bug. Thank you Jane!
 LOL I LOVE this picture.. She's been toting these old books that use to be mine when I was her age around everywhere. I told her to sit still like a robot.. she did this LOL
 This is her serious look...
I made a hat using a tutorial from  Here . You use a old t shirt.

 See her peeking up lol
 This pic totally makes me  smile!!Once again her hands were moving lol

She does love her clothes I make her. I showed them to her and she grabs them and smiles big.. LOVE that.. and its makes all worth the time into them = )
Here is the shorts I made for her.
Ok last pic..
My sneaky peek pics, they are going to be Kindle covers...I would have them finished but forgot I have to wait for my new labels I ordered. = (

Enjoy your week!!!


  1. Zoey is so cute in her gorgeous new dress and special cap!! Your kindle covers look so fabulous!!I hope you are feeling more yourself soon and you have the most wonderful birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Suzee!!!! I just saw your post over at facebook. The clothes you make for your grand daughter are really nice. My oldest sister, a professional dressmaker used to make clothes for me when I was little. I really looked forward to wearing them. I used to walk around with books I couldn't read either.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! It was your birthday already? I was thinking it was later in June for some reason =P
    I love Zoey's new clothes. She is just the cutest modeling for you. Oh she loves you so much!!!! I bet she'll be sewing with you in no time!!! I can't wait to see your new labels!!!


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