Friday, April 27, 2012

Another week..

I made something manly.. and its for me as well…

Doug got a new gun safe and wanted something to put the smaller guns in.. so voila.. I put rivets , grommets or whatever they are in the top and sides to match up the screws in the door. And I did not like putting those little buggers in! But Dougie is happy with it…


I made this little drawstring bag for a friend. I put a clip on the side so  he can clip it to his belt for his arrowhead hunting. (anyone have any REAL arrowheads for sale???)

I totally love the fabric.. Sasha from Stitchedbysasha sent me a little bag of scraps and love trying to find ways to use them.. I got a bigger project in line for most of it.. I made Zoey the alphabet magnets and couldn’t remember if I posted them.. Still need to make more vowels so she can learn to spell of course!! She is doing very well with spelling her name. We are going to work with her colors and writing this summer.




Remember I said I tested a pattern for Jane from Projectsbyjane? Here is my final outcome of it. It’s a super cute and easy envelope clutch!!! She wanted to make a pattern for some new beginner sewer’s and I think she did a very good job with this.

It was easy to follow and she always gives very detailed pictures and instructions. You learn to put a magnetic snap this one. I also think putting a regular snap would do good too. I will making a couple more up of these and put them in my “goodie box” for gifts and such.

Go over and check out her Etsy shop HERE  and make sure you check out her other great e patterns and goodies for sale!! She just added some very pretty hand embroidered pouches!! Thank you Jane for letting me test this pattern! ( I secretly hope there are more to test hehehe)


I woke up this morning geared up to sew.. I even cut out and interfaced my fabric’s the night before just so I could go right into sewing.. I did ..sort of.. after checking email, drinking my coffee and reading blogs.. oh and spending time on that time I had to let my doggie BabyPhoto304

(photo of Baby for my new followers to see who Baby is! )

out for her morning walk. It takes her about 45 minutes to check HER pee-mail (hehe) and do the entire 5 acres out back..we have to go down the long lane, around the back of the shed then into the woods then all around my pond.. and if I’m feeling up for it,, back around the front of the house then the garage then finally back in the house.. Remember she is tiny, her legs are tiny, my legs are ….well short.. so it takes about 45 minutes..yep.On days we are having lately I enjoy it but when its cold or very hot out, we do maybe 10 fast walks lol. BUT anyways!!! got back in the house, then got a phone call and Doug’s truck is finished so up town we go to pick that up.. I stopped at the good old IGA store to get cabbage for my home made veggie soup I made for supper tonight. mmm it was good! Then stopped at the post office then back home.. and would you believe Baby was ready to go out again..NO BABY lol she pouted and I felt bad, so out we went for a fast front yard I ended up doing these…



I still need to hand sew the opening up at the bottoms, but I did manage to sew today.. I was working on a headache anyways,I wasn’t too much into it . I had the fabric’s for the back two pouches. but I used some of Sasha’s scraps for the little cute red one in front!! hehe..

I used Keyka lou's pattern for these cuties.. But she changed her pattern page name to Michellepatterns now.I try to snag her patterns when they go on sale !!! I probably have 85% of them lol

Ok I’m outta of here.. The recliner and coffee pot is calling my name.. I will be showing my mom’s new quilts she is working on later in the week. I took pics of them but don’t like how they turned out..

Have a good weekend!


  1. Suzee,
    Thank you for the links.
    I'm working on a couple of ePatterns right now. As long as you're not tired of testing them, I'll send them to you once they're ready.
    I'm so happy to meet Baby. You said it was small but now I can see for myself.
    You sure put a lot of effort into teaching your granddaughter.
    I remember when my kids were her age, my life revolved around them.

  2. How fabulous is that clutch!!! Such gorgeous fabric!! You are so clever at making bags. I love your Alphabet letters, they're such a great idea. Zoey will pick up colour in no time, she's surrounded by all your beautiful creations. Baby is so cute!! I can just imagine her wandering from tree to tree checking her pee-mails. It's funny years ago when I had a little dog I used to say she was checking her wee-mails, we've got the same sense of humour.

  3. Your gun holder turned out perfect!!! You did a really great job =D Doug is lucky to have a crafty wife =D The new clutch and keychain wallets are great too! I love them!! You must list those in your shop =D
    Baby and Zoey are so stinkin cute!!! They sure do keep you busy!!!

  4. Cute little clutch and keychain wallets! The keychain wallets are such a practical idea. Love the fabric magnets!!!


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