Sunday, April 22, 2012

My week

I finished up a few more things for Zoey.. I’ve been making her summer clothes and our stupid weather is going back to fall like weather with cool days and cold nights.. We had a bad frost last week and it killed some of my new tree’s we had planted couple years ago.. I’m just hoping it will break out with more new leafs..But anyways here is some of what I finished up this past week for the Zoey-bug…


I made a pair of tights this morning and used a old t-shirt of mine, but didn’t’ take a pic of it.. I’m liking how I can make my own patterns out of things I already have!

For shirts I’m just going to buy some white t-shirts and wanting my mom to embroider some things on them using her machine. =)

My next thing I want to do is sew me some summer capri’s!

Me and Zoey has some fun time painting. I bought her some a cheap water colors set and she did really well with not getting it all over the place. I found a way to make our own puffy paint.. using self rising flour and water! Then you put it in the microwave and it puffs up.. she loved you can see she looked very interested here.


Me and Doug took a break and went to the movies to see The Hunger Games. I had read the first book and wanted to wait until I read the rest, but it all worked out because they only did the first book! I thought it was all be combined.. so yay I got time to read them! It was pretty good. I knew what was going to happen but Doug didn’t . I would rather read the books first anyways.

Speaking of books, what I am reading now I’m really liking. I went my local library and they were having a book sale.. (my favorite!) I got these plus 3 paperbacks not shown. For .10 a book I couldn’t go wrong even if I didn’t like the book….Or maybe they were .25 a piece and .10 for the paperbacks???


I’m reading one of them called I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb now. Its shy of 900 pages but no problem! lol I use to read like 2 books a week, but not lately with a lot more going on…I finished one last week called Pure by Julianna Baggott. If you like to read and read The Hunger Games, you will like this book just as much. I have learned the movie rights were bought already for this book and it is going to be a trilogy so you might want to grab it up and get it read!!

I took this picture and laughed and wanted to show you behind the scenes as I took this……Zoey.


I told you I was testing a pattern for Projectsbyjane . I finished it but want to wait until she post’s about the item first. Then will link to it.

Ok hoping you all had a wonderful week and a great new one!!


  1. Suzee!!!! You're making the cutest things for Zoey. I love it all =D You should send some pictures to Julie, I'm sure she would love seeing the fabrics from her made up into so many cute items. I read that book...years ago...I Know This Much Is True! In fact, it's still on my bookshelf =D

  2. Hi Suzee, I always enjoy hearing about your weekly adventures. Firstly the new look for your blog looks wonderful!! The clothes you've made Zoey are gorgeous as always! The puffy paint sounds great, you think up such great ideas for activities. It great to get some tips of what to read. I don't have a novel at the moment and have been meaning to get to the library. I've been looking at quilt books before going to sleep which is not so good because then I think of all the quilts I want to make and thinking about them keeps me awake. I'm looking forward to seeing your surprise tester thing.

  3. Suzee,
    I did not know you have a blog. Maybe you told me but I forgot? Anyway, now that I've found you, I'm following you via facebook. I finally get to see your granddaughter. She's adorable! Plus, guess what? I read I know this much is true a few years ago. It's not bad but somehow I feel like I'm manipulated by the author. Like it's written using a formula that works. Just my feeling. But entertaining. I haven't read Hunger Games yet. Maybe I finish Harry Potter first! Oh, ePattern will be up soon. Maybe tomorrow...


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