Sunday, April 15, 2012

More clothes for Zoey!

I'm getting Zoey's summer clothes finished pretty fast! I'm really loving to recycle old Tshirts..this is one of Doug's old shirts.. actually it wasn't old, he just never wore it so it was like new.. I kept the original neck on it and kept it sleeveless. Added pockets for her little things and lace.. I HAD to put something girly on there...  

 I made another dress like her Easter dress but without the ruffle on bottom , I have one dress with a ruffle on my sewing table but didn't get it quite finished.. I used WinkHandMade's pattern and its a very easy and simple pattern to use. It looks like her shop is back from vacation mode now!
 I made two skirts. I love making these.. One piece of fabric. serge the edges , turn up to hem and put elastic in .. badda-bing.

 And two more shorts. I have much more fabric to use too!!!

So far I did 3 dresses, with one in the making... 7 shorts, and 4 skirts.

I got my new Etsy store changed over finally.. It is now officially listed as AppleHead Threads! It was just under my user name before and make a long story short, I made my shop name under applehead threads but  dingdong me forgot ,,,,SOOOOOOOOO I had to transfer each item over pictures and all.. relist and then re add my favorite shops and people. Etsy was good enough to refund the listing fee's though.. *smiles*

I am excited about getting a email from Jane Poh at ProjectsbyJane last week asking me ......ME.... yes me to test a pattern for her.......EEEEEEEEE! of course yes I said! Its just a little pattern for new sewer's but she wanted someone with skill........(yes still talking about me!) to test it out for the usual things, and to make sure newbies can understand it,etc..
I made a couple of her items from her TUTORIALS and purchased a wristlet pattern from her as well. It should be a breeze to test her pattern as her directions are very well written. If you remember this purse, it was made using the free tutorial she has for a recessed zipper.
OK .. I'm signing off.. was a long week.. full of Zoey!! lol I hope everyone has a fun filled and happy week!


  1. Zoey has a whole new wardrobe thanks to grandma!!!! I just love everything your making her. She has a camo skirt now!!! *giggle* and it's girlie =D
    I'm so happy your Etsy move went well!! When do we get to see the pattern you're testing? soon? We'll probably have to wait until it's released :(

    1. did you get this reply back from me?? lol

  2. You make such cute things for Zoey!! I love the recycled Tshirts! It must be a relief to have moved all your Etsy things over to you new Etsy page. It's all worth it to have the right name. Congratulations on being a tester!!


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