Friday, April 6, 2012


I wanted to get this post in really fast tonight.. I've been pretty busy and/or maybe not been into the blogging thing lately..
The weather here in Indiana has been fantastic!! So not been sewing much and having little electric Zoey in the house alot this week , we go out and "build" in the dirt lol  Or.. chase the baby chicken "bird" around the yard.
I'm going to fry that little thing up one of these days if it doesn't leave me alone when I walk outside!! It either follows me or tries to run in the door when I go inside.. and it had luck one day and I was chasing that stupid thing all over my kitchen.. was no happy ... giggle
Then today I went out to talk on the phone and it FLEW up on my back and tried to crawl up to my head.. OMG.. I'm the chicken lady now ...........she stamped me.. lol
But let me post some pictures super fast of what I did manage to finish up if I remember what I sewn this past week......
Of course I had to make Zoey a Easter/ summer dress!!! If I remember my friend Dana gave me some of this fabric..  or my mom?? I'm on the beginning side of dementia ...I used a pattern I purchased from Wink Designs on Etsy HERE. I believe she is on vacation right now but maybe check it out later if you can.. This dress was super easy to make, and it came sizes from 1-8!
 My youngest son (hes 23) wanted a wallet..and asked me to make one for him, I was like..really??? I was smiling inside =) I like it when my kids ask to make them something.
I went searching for a man's wallet tutorial and found this one from Meet the Maker. Yeah, I probably could of whipped one up from scratch but always looking for new ideas..This one was pretty easy and a basic wallet. I added a small piece of velcro to keep it shut. (I'm obsessed with that stuff, so maybe that is why)

 Room for his cards..if he has them.
 and a cash pocket, if he has some.

He wanted just black but I can't stop there!! He's a big Mario fan and I had purchased this fabric waaaaaaaaaaay long time ago when he was like..6???? Remember how old I told you he was up there..
He LOVED it. Yay.

hmmm.. I forgot to take pictures of what I made Zoey for her Easter basket.. but I will tomorrow as I have to get it together tonight! eeks.. shes staying over tonight and I have to get it done so she will see it when she wakes up.. My mom and dad did that for me and my sisters and brothers and I did for my kids.. I guess everyone does that??? dunno. Its like a Christmas morning on Easter lol
Tomorrow is egg coloring day then have a nice ham dinner.. I made home made noodles really fast tonight after Zoey went to bed...I'm wore.........out.

Everyone have a nice Easter weekend if you celebrate it out there!!!!

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  1. Suzee, I love hearing about all the things you're up to! I love Zoey's Easter dress!!! I'm a bit worried about that chicken, it sounds a bit crazy!! Your son must love his mario wallet sooooo much, it's very cool! Your Easter Sunday sounds like fun, enjoy every minute! Watch out for that chicken though!


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