Sunday, November 20, 2011

weekend sewing

I had some free me time this weekend and used it !!! I finished up my pouches! I had to at least have 8, and I made the last 3 this morning. Yay. Now I will fill them with goodies!   I love making these pouches. I can do it with my eyes shut..but we won't do that as I already almost dis fingered myself last week... Remember you can find the FREE tutorial on Sasha's page under her tutorials!!

 I made this cute little felt fishing game for Zoey for Christmas. Aren't they the cutest fishies ever! I made some last year for a friend's little kids and they really enjoyed them! For the fishing pole Doug found a wooden dowel and I wrapped the heck out of it with electoral tape .. I just hope Zoey doesn't use it as a head bonker on people because she does enjoy doing that.. then runs and laughs. She evil..pure evil!
I started on her baby doll accessories today too. One felt baby wipe holder with little fleece wipes. I'm slowly marking my list down!  You can barely see that list in the second picture up there.. yah, I only have 2 marked off, but actually got 3 done today   = ) I found this free tutorial HERE . I didn't put the eyes on which is Velcro but I did put a piece of the hook part of the Velcro on the "hook" and it snags the felt exposed on the fish. Thought it would be easier for littler kiddos.

Who wants a sewing tutorial? How about 101?? or more? On I might of added to my list........oh boy.
(thank you Sasha lol )
Ok coffee smells good and I'm hitting the recliner! I think Baby misses me!


  1. You are such a machine!!!! I love all of the pouches =D Suzee...that little fishing game is adorable!!! Zoey is going to love it! Hopefully she doesn't bonk Baby too much lol.

  2. The pouches are adorable! Great job.

  3. These pouches turned out so nice, thanks for sharing!

  4. You are such a busy bee in the sewing room!! The fish game made out of fabric is such a fun ideA!

  5. I like the pouches, thanks for the link!


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