Friday, November 11, 2011

Hats and hats and mitts. oh my.

Yep I got time to post another!!

My good friend Sasha tricked me.. I knew she was making Zoey a little hat..but I didn't expect the hand mitts she made for ME!!! She posted them on her blog and I totally loved them. Not even knowing they were for me!! They are also really called Susie's hand mitts.. hehehe (the pattern said so) 
I was shocked to see them in Zoey's package we received the other day!!! 

The images above were swiped off of Sasha's blog hehe (with permission!)
And here is the little model sporting her cute, warm pointy elf hat!!! She loves it. I wish I got video of her when she opened it.. ooooooooooooooooooooooooo but sounded like ewwww but not meaning the ewww . I haven't mastered the spelling of two year old's yet.

 When she spotted the mitts she wanted them on and they look so cute on her! It covered he whole arm! She walked around with them on for a few minutes then got interested in tearing the paper up. Thank you Sasha!! Sasha is recovering from a broken elbow and still whips out crafts.. that's dedication!!!

I finished up a order of 7 fleece hats today!!! tiny yay! I actually have plans to make about 5 more for gifts.
Again I have my doll baby modeling for me...

 Do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures of a 2 year old and to stay put! Can you see my hand in the corners?? Don't worry no harm was done! lol
I had to chase her down to my bedroom behind the bed and corner her and then after 3 or more times to get her to keep the hats on.

 I like this pose.. She was sticking her tongue in and out at me.
 Oh gosh dern. This picture looks horrible! Maybe I should of done some cropping!! At least my nose.. why is my nose so huge?? eeeks.. I have a small nose.. and all those wrinkles??!!! No no no they are lots and lots of laugh and giggly lines from having a blast with my girl! She has a adult size hat on her here.
 I tried to get her to laugh but she was getting bored and got into a stare down out the window. She her fingers trying to pull the hat off??

One adult, one child and one infant hat.(yes the crocs are upside down on one of the hats but shhhh the kid won't notice!) Its just swimming upside down.
And 3 adult girl hats and one boy child hat.
ALL marked off my list! Just 30+ more items to go !!! 

Have a good weekend everyone.. My plans are to sew all weekend, but when I actually say that out loud, it doesn't happen. It's just typed out so maybe I'm safe!!

Happy day!


  1. What a lot of wonderful hats- Sasha and yours !! Zoey is just the cutest!!

  2. love the hand mitts!!

  3. tee hee!!! Look at all that cuteness!!! You've been sewing hats like crazy! They are adorable!!! I love all the pictures!!! I'm glad you two like your gifts =D Zoey is so tiny!! I still can't get over her picture with the mitts on!!!

  4. love all of the hats!! :) I had to see Zoey's hat from Sasha on your sweet Zoey!!! Soooo adorable!! thanks for sharing!!! (and thanks to Sasha for the link!!)


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