Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Look what I went and did to myself! I'm just glad it wasn't worse then it looks. No blood was involved! (that red stuff on the mat isn't blood lol fleece bits!)The stupid ruler slipped out from under my hand and my finger took a suicide dive to the rotary blade. The nail stopped it from going too deep and it did get a tiny piece of skin. phew. scarey.

I guess us crafter's have to take the bumps and cuts and gash's along the way! But would rather not ! I was thinking my blades were dull..guess not!

OH look the dolly isn't in the buff anymore!!!

I made her a little Christmas dress! I'm working backwards on the directions, waiting to get some yarn for her hair and can't do the face until the hair is on..so she looked cold and had to get her dressed!
I ALMOST have the little unknown projects finished! I got a few good guess's on what they are. Gill was the closest so far in her guess!!!

I guess you can take a peek from where I got the tutorial I'm using!! You have to look for it  HERE. I love this blog and I'm sure you can find it on there! hehe


  1. Owies is right!!!! Oh my gosh...be careful!!
    I love the little Christmas dress!!! That's going to be the cutest doll when you are finished!!

    0.o are you making those little square snap boxes? Oh I love those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Suzee, you be careful! I love Dolly's dress, Very festive and sweet. I'm going to wait to see the surprise on your blog of what you are making. What fun!

  3. Gosh that was close! Definitely an owie but I suppose it could have been a lot worse!
    I love your little doll but she does need some hair!! looking forward to seeing her finished


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