Sunday, November 6, 2011


If I had sewn anything in the last few days I have no idea lol. I been so busy that my days are running together.. I did get a weekend to do some momma time.. We are going to Joann's today . Yay. I hope they let me use my 20% off for veterans coupon (with I.D.) with my 25% off coupon!!!  My store here will let you combine alot of the coupons, but another won't . So we don't go back to that one..

I'm going to be making fleece hats in the next week.. so planned.
I made a few of these from this tutorial last year. I got photos of them.. somewhere.. I made them way before I started blogging last year.. but I know I have them!!      somewhere.

I remodeled my blog background.. My last one was temporary.. I like this one! Still tweaking the sidebar..
Have a good day!!
Off to Joanns!! 


  1. I like this blog layout, I popped over yesterday but couldn't figure out how to leave a message. Those hats look pretty zany!! It's so hot here today I couldn't fathom wearing a hat! Zoey will look so cute in one of those!

  2. I expect to see pictures of Zoey in lots of hats soon!!!! I really like this background Suzee!!!


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