Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm slacking

I will blame the weather lol Its cool then its hot. WE NEED RAIN! Its in the forecast but probably past right by us saying..HA HA! no rain for you ! So our water bill is going to be higher so we can have a garden..blah.

My stars and moon or whatever hasn't been lined up for me for sometime and my nerves are shot to all get out..I'm forgetting easier.. was always a problem but its worse now lol

I did finally got some Kindle covers made for my shop. It took 4 days to get the buttons on them and then to take the pictures were a hassle lol

These will be on Etsy sometime today

I'm taking new pics though. These came out bluish for some reason even after I used Photoscape to do magic.. After doing these with button closure my next one I'm going to try a Velcro closure. I've not had complaints yet about the button but I like the bigger tab closure myself.. and my fingers do not like to sew on buttons for the main reason lol

I made another skirt.. this will be a birthday gift for a friend of Zoey's . Its so cute I'm diffidently making one for Zoey! I used Apple of my Eye fabric.. I can't get enough of that line!
I been searching for new patterns to make for kids.. I'm getting obsessed in making kids clothes!
Now just the time to get them all cut out and sew. I really wish Zoey would learn to use the machine! hehe

OH I ordered new labels. I really like them. They are on twill , but my font I picked didn't show up very well = (
My fault there she did send me a sample photo and of course I enlarged it and didn't think much about it lol 
I'll drop my name off of it and see how that looks next time.. now just have 75 more labels left lol

I ordered from Here a shop called Greenbeansnstrings on Etsy. She sent them in a cute little envelope.
They are 1"x1" and I can sew them right on without turning under. She fray checks them for ya!

Have a nice week!


  1. I love your kindle covers Suzee!! They look so great =D I agree with you...the "magic" button thing on Photoscape does turn them a little bluish. I've had that same problem.
    That skirt is adorable!!!!! and so are you labels =D
    I hope you get some rain soon!!! Do I need to make you a lavender eye mask for some quality "Suzee is relaxing" time? LOL!!

  2. Your kindle covers are so fun!! And so is that Apple of my Eye skirt!!! It's interesting to hear about your labels, I've been wondering if I should get some, not that I really make much, it would be just nice to see my name on a label, lol! I hope it rains soon, you and Zoey will have to do a rain dance. Take care.

  3. I would blame the quality of the twill! If it's too coarse, it won't show small details. I'm still making my labels myself. Seriously should get them made for me. There's a shop in Singapore that does it professionally. I think I have to order 500 pieces. Shouldn't be a problem for me eh?
    About your images, there's surely a colour setting in your camera you can adjust to avoid the bluish tone. Change to warm or something.


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