Friday, June 22, 2012


I've lost my sewing mojo and not seeing it returning for some time.. eeeks

Not sure if its the weather and/or all the stuff going on with me lately. Health, kids, building this new house.. TOO MUCH!

And I'm going to start packing some things up and sorting out for Goodwill. So probably just do some sewing for myself or some things for friends. But Etsy might stay up for now. I won't be posting photos here much but if you want to keep posted I do post on Facebook and I have it linked to Twitter @_suzee__  if you want to follow through there as well!! OH and of course Flickr!! (appleheadthreads at yahoo dot com)
You can find my facebook button on the side over there----->

I will still be stalking my blogs I follow for sure!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know  a good rain dance???? As in NEED RAIN NOW! My grass is crunchy and brown...


  1. Enjoy your time away Suzee and try to relax!!! Don't make me come and visit you and help you get rid of stuff!!!! although I imagine we would just drink coffee all day and play with Zoey =P hehehehe

  2. Hi sweet Suzee, You have so much going on at the moment that it's understandable that you don't feel like sewing as much. Golly we all need time out sometimes. Never ending hot weather is enough to make you droopy too. I'm sending rainy wishes out to the universe for you and send you lots of hugs.

  3. I wanted to sew today but I felt really under the weather, like I was coming down with all of a sudden I feel better....I dont know what the deal was or is but im sure glad to be rid of it....I hope you feel better Suzee Q.....I have been missing you! ;) ttys....


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