Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swap goodies!

I received a package today from my swap partner in Australia. The package was so cute with all the little stickers and labels on it. I just knew I got some good stuff!! And I was correct! Eva from Bunny-Sisters did a excellent job on sending some items from my profile I had mentioned I liked..

I like the handmade gift tags..and those little crocheted flowers are adorable. The cut out hearts are from a music book( there are a few pieces there, it doesn't look like it )
 A small bag of beads and charms and some buttons..
I like this the best...a sewn card.. look at that little mushroom!! so cute!

Then the matchboxe's are so neat.. There is four match boxes glued together and with ribbons for the pull tabs.Those won't be going into the junk drawer!!! I added her to my facebook and following her on Pinterest. She has some great printable ideas there!! If you haven't joined Pinterest yet you need to. I love browsing the sewn and printable items.. I use it to keep my favorites that I want to try out later. When I want to find something I wanted its all right there with pictures!! If you join  or have joined let me know and I'll look you up. I'm right here.... http://pinterest.com/suezee/
Here is everything laid out with the package it came in..
I tried my best to get some things sewn up today but wasn't meant to be... I hate that too! lol Trying to get a big shopping list with coupons together as we are going to the Commissary tomorrow. We try to go once a month and stock up as they are so much cheaper then any other place. Its a small commissary but it carries alot of good products. Doug is retired Air Force and we can still shop there.. yay!!!
Maybe tomorrow after we get back I can start a project. I have alot lined up to finish!! And I need to stay off the blogs so I don't add to that list!!!
Hope you all are doing good ....

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