Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Momma's Quilt

My mom emailed me some pic's of her quilt she has been working on for......awhile lol .

She hasn't named it yet. Anyone got any ideas?? It has sort of a Christmas'y feel to it after looking at it again. She used different fabric leftover's from other quilts she had done.
The top on the pillow is not attached. It's going to be like a pillow sham cover. A quilt for pillows???
Here is a couple of postings I did on her quilts HERE and HERE . And there is a few on her web page listed about half way down my page on the right.
I always think her quilts have a vintage look to them. I need to take some shots of all the quilts she made me!!!

She lives maybe 15 minutes from me and always calling her and asking.. "did you sew today?" she would say yep or nope and then she ask me.. "did you sew today?" lol

I tried to sew today but couldn't get into it.. alot on my mind as well as not getting any sleep for 3 days puts a toll on the noggin!!
I got a purse lined up to sew tomorrow..cross my fingers I'll work on it!!

Happy blogging = )

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