Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some sewing.. and purchases for my Filofax's

I got so many things on my list to do I can't decide what to do first! I just stare at the list and end up reading a book! haha
I did manage to cut out a project and sew it all in ONE day! 
I made this little cuddly robe for my sweet grand daughter !!!
It looks big in this photo but its for a 3 year old and its littler than what it looks.. I used soft fleece and oh it is nice and warm! I'm going to make her a second one to keep at the house, this one goes home with her.. I got to thinking though, her dad moved out of our house and now I will have to make her a third one to stay with her dad... "poor" kid will have so many things and toys in 3 different houses!! haha

I had a custom order for one of my feminine product pouches and I went and just made 3 while I was at it..They are easy to put together and I wanted my customer to choose. I have 2 of these newly listed in my Etsy shop! (the Zebra and Mushroom prints)
On this next project I am not quit finished with but wanted to show you the cuteness!!! I still have to add my buttons for the closures... 
I made these doll house purses for gifts.
I love my polka dots!!! 
 The inside are just as cute!! They fold down to have a little garden path up to the house.. I tried adding a window in my first house and it didn't work out lol so I left the next one alone.. still cute! I am working on a boy version now..

I HAVE to show off my new purchases from JapanCorner . I have been following Sachico's blog for a little while and she makes her own stickers and stamps and more goodies , you have to go check out her stuff!!! She custom made this keyring for my son. (a gift and he doesn't read my blog so I'm safe!)
He has been studying Japanese writing and learning to speak it and I knew I had to get this for him. It says his name , Stephen, (pronounced STEFEN) on one side and on the flip side is Zoey's name, his daughter. 
The writings around the name are names of fish. He will have to look them up his self what they say! lol 
 I also had Sachico make me some adorable stamps! She had these whipped up in no time.I Love them! They are oh so tiny and work very well with my Filofax!  I have started making my own stamps but not so little ones yet.. I'm not that good yet!
 She designed these little mushroom stickers for me!!! Also tiny and cute and they will be used sparingly!
(kinoko means mushroom)
She just designed some monthly FF pages and new dividers! OHHH MY GOSH so cute! go check them out HERE!!!
 Sorry about the glare, I took these at night and with just my lamp.
I will have to do a post on my stamps and stickers being used in side my FF soon.. I'm just set up in it yet and still arranging things how I like. 
The Filofax US site had a sale each day this last week.. a cyber monday sale everyday. I just couldn't hold back.....yes...........I purchased.. lol
not one,, not 2 but..........3..gulp..
I been wanting the Holborn slim in brown and they just happened to have it marked down 30%!!! I wanted to use it for my checkbook, finance planner. And I can carry it with me..
The other two are Petal pockets. They were marked half off! At 11$ each I had to get one and they are cute! But as much as I would to use one of them I got them for gifts.. Oh I'm tempted to go back to get ME one lol should I???? They had free shipping over 10$ too!!!  Isn't it pretty? 
I guess when I get a addiction.. I go all out for it! lol I won't talk about my fabric's I keep. But I'm not as bad as someone I know!!!!!! =0)
I will be getting my Holborn Slim today and will show a post on my set up soon! I have my cut up inserts ready for it already!! 
I'm going to try to finish up some more sewing gifts today...I'm doing better then I was last year!!! 
Have a great weekend!



  1. I love Zoey's new robe! The colors and print are perfect. Has she seen it yet? Oh my were right, the doll house purses are adorable!!!
    Cute cute cute purchases from JapanCorner!!!!! Those little stamps and stickers are killing me with cuteness. I think Stephen is going to love his keychain =D
    You're allowed to splurged on yourself. You deserve it!!!! Although I can't imagine who you are talking about hoarding fabric. There's only one fat quarter in my house =P hahahahahaha

  2. Why doesn't your son read your blog? Make him. hahahaha. My son reads mine willingly. But when he grows older he might stop. I'm using my google+ to leave this comment. I wonder what my profile will be!

  3. Zoeys robe is so cute!! Those little house boxes are going to be so fabulous, make you show us again when you've put the trimmings on. Those little stamps are cute too. Lots of fun things happening at your house!!

  4. I'm sooo happy that you liked the items, and thank you for writing about them!! By the way, I'm terrible at sewing and it's totally amazing that you can make a robe like that in one day!! And it's so cute!!

    1. you are welcome ! I have used just 2 stickers so far lol .. I love to sew! Thank you!

  5. The robe is so cute, Suzee! I just love it. And congrats on the Filo bargains, too!


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