Friday, November 23, 2012

More Filofax stuff ....LOTS OF PICS!!!

I'm going on no sleep in over 2 days.. maybe a nap here and there .. but not a long good night's rest.. Having our Thanksgiving dinner on Wed , then going to black Friday shopping on Thursday night.. We was out from 6pm on Thursday until 930am Friday..
It was actually not that bad.. just having to wait for certain stores to open. I'm not going to go into details about that as just talking about it makes me more on with the show here......
I had my new Filofax Holborn for a few weeks now and I'm loving it. It is so soft and love carrying it around.. I been making some tweaks to it and trying to get my own personal setup going. I won't be showing my week pages as I know some do.. but I will show some of my new dividers and things I made for it.  
Here is my first page. It looks funky huh?  What in the world?????
I like to use post it's ......of course.. I have TONS of these refill pads for a dispenser that the notes peel out staggered.. So I came up with this little do hickey looking thing to dispense the notes. 
 I used a clear report cover and cut it down to my size , put a pretty paper inside it, then I added a strip of washi tape and cut a slit in the middle of the tape. Just big enough to pull a sheet of note out. The pad is stuck down on the pretty piece of paper . Here is a photo trying to show you what I mean..
You can now pull the notes out one at a time.. I don't think it will work on the normal note pads. Just the pads that are made for dispensers, because as you pull one out the next one will pop out behind it.

I will never ever run out of post it notes.. my sister works at a Staples warehouse and they use to have yearly warehouse sales for the employee's and one guest.. I have a Chevy Trailblazor and we had the WHOLE back end STUFFED to the windows of any office or stationary product you can think of! 
Next up .. I made myself a "Today" page divider. Did I mention I got a new laminator?  Oh I love using that little thing.. 
The Today page keeper that comes with your Filofax are just too short.. I needed it to stick way up so I can actually see it. I found some cute paper online to download with different library cards stamped all over it. 
I traced around the Today divider but made it a bit taller on top. I laminated it and slapped a label on it and shaaazam !  Being a book lover and reader this fit perfect for me.. 
I punched holes in it and slit the holes so that you can pop that little sucker out without opening the binder rings every time.. ( I have pinched my fingers twice so far on those .. owies.)
Do you see my week inserts there ?? I made those.. I do not like the weekly inserts at all that come with . So of course I have to make my own .. I like to keep it simple as I will be decorating the pages with stickers, stamps or tape. I made these pages just using Photoscape. 
I like the title of my week days bold enough to stand out but not to take over the pages. I slanted them and will write in the day above it in the corner. I have a little box on the top to write in my month and a extra box on bottom for notes. 

 See how you can actually see this tab?
Now here are my new laminated dividers!!
I have my month tabs sticking on the top and my other stuff tabbed down the side.
 Just a few pic's of some of the dividers..

 My vet tab gets used alot.. sadly.
 Behind my Vet tab I have my "top secret" tabs.. it holds my passwords. I stole from Sachiko her idea for passwords. I like the idea of seeing the icon of the place I need . Sorry had to cover the good bits..
Speaking of Sachiko, she has a shop called Japan Corner and it is HERE. I ordered  some mushroom stickers and a keychain for my son and she made me a few rubber stamps. I have just started learning to carve my own . I can't wait to receive these!!

Thats about all about that.. I have been sewing some. Most of them are Christmas gifts and can't show you those..
Have a good weekend!!!


  1. Hi Suzee, thank you very much for writing about my shop :) Wow, your first page is amazing!! I've never seen anything like it! It's like Kleenex, huh? Your page maker and dividers are looking great with the lamination as well. I actually bought a new Filofax (Pocket again) recently, but I haven't written about it on my blog yet as I've been really busy. I hope I can write about it soon (^o^)!

    1. You are welcome.. Yes it is like Kleenex lol didn't think of it that way! I will look forward to seeing your new FF!

  2. You are so so so clever!!!! How did you ever come up with your post it holder? It's good to see you putting all of your new toys to good use =D I love the little cover with Zoey's picture. She is such a cutie!

  3. Hi Suzee, just discovered your blog on the Philofaxy web finds. Your Holborn looks amazing,I am lusting after one myself! Love your setup,it all looks so bright n cheerful.

    1. Thanks Jani! I'm a newbie to the Filofax's lol I own 3 now. hehe.

  4. Brilliant! Love the post-it note dispenser and the homemade weekly.

  5. This is an awesome job! I was laughing looking at the excitement of office supplies because I am just that way. This week I bought one of the old fashion guillotine paper cutters and the laminating machine is next on my list!

    Thanks so much for sharing! I hope the work on mine will turn out as awesome as the work on yours! :-)

  6. So clever! Love the popup dispenser you crafted!

  7. O.O I feel so stupid...Can you fix my Filofax please????

  8. I have a Holborn as well in the color wine and I LOVE her. Enjoy your new Holborn. :)

  9. You're the FiloFax Queen!! Very impressive!


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