Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where are my pens and keys???

Silly title.... lol

I wanted to show off what my Momma made me!!! I was talking about these pencil roll ups I been wanting to make myself and she told me to give her some fabric and she made it for me!
I love it! She put a flap on the top...

 I gave her the main outer fabric and she used what she had for contrasting. She is a quilter so she has a eye for color matching.. =0)
See all my pens, markers, pencils and highlighters fit snug and warm!!!
 And then its all folded up! I had rolled it up but the pens made it very bulky and I liked it this way better.. I still have to attach the closure. Might not need one...
  I had a small custom order for some key fobs. I gave one for a friend and she ordered 5 ! lol
Here are the custom colors she wanted...

I'm about to finish my holiday sewing!!! YAY for me! This morning I finished a custom order for a night gown, one cd holder (that goes on a car visor, pics of those to come later!) , 5 key fobs. Last week I made at least 7 dozens cookies!!! They went as gifts, and ate! lol Going to bake some more this Saturday... wow...
Have a great week! Are you finished with your shopping??? I have small gifts in my Etsy shop!! LOL 



  1. Awesome!!! Your mama is so sweet =D
    She needs to make you one for you seam rippers LOL

  2. That toll up sure looks handy. You'll always know where your pens and pencils are now. It's extra special because your mama made it. It's great you are getting lots of orders!

  3. That's a really nice pen/pencil organiser! Cute & Useful :)


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