Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My layout.. finally.

Yikes! If it wasn't for my friends, I wouldn't know how to blog!!!! haha
Seriously though, for some blonde reason I had switched over to google + account and did not know I did that! Having done that, it switched me to a no-reply comment blogger! NO NO NO !!!
I have to be a yes-reply comment blogger! I like reading and responding to my comments from email and it was still letting me do that.. but it wouldn't let another blogger respond to me from the comments.I like having people contacting me through the comments. = 0) 
I received this link (from another good bloggy friend!!!) to help me get it switched over.. phew.. what a hassle.. but this page HERE will get it all fixed for you.. well you have to do it but it gives you the step by step info to lead your way!! 
A special THANK YOU!!! to Jane and Sasha for helping me with this!!!

Now photo time..
As you know I am a big planner/journal/diary/post it/Filofax/paper/pen nut... among other things..
I got my new Filofax set up pretty much now.. It took me a few weeks to find the right weekly layout I liked.. I reverted back to my original ways.. just simple and printed my own.

This is last weeks.
I have the weekly page on the left.. 
the right is my do to lists and notes. 
(the pink dots are for Zoey when I have her)

I guess I should of showed you a before photo..
I started putting washi tape on the top.. so cute! 
I add the squares down the middle.. well as straight as I can...
put some stamps on it.. I will alternate with stickers too...
I don't like how the stamp ink shows through. but by time I write on the pages its not noticeable..
This is this week's. It already looks like a mess and it is just the first of the week!
On my Today tab I put some stickers I ordered from JapanCorner on Etsy HERE. She has some adorable stickers and tab dividers and monthly layouts for personal and pocket size FF!!
I made me a post it with my daily medicine/ vitamins. I still miss some days! But this has helped me mostly.

 Then the notes page is already ready for my week to check off things! I have my little sewing box too! Not too much to do for Christmas.. I'm sure after the holidays it will be full up as I am going to try to stock up my Etsy store (link over there on the sidebar!!!!)  I want to get back to sewing purses again and trying to sell those.
On the bottom of my pages I have been writing what I'm reading for the week. I use to be able to read about 2 books a week. HA.. no time for that anymore.. 
OK I might as well show you the tabs.. these are my side tabs.. I made them and they do not stick up very far but I know what they are .. so it don't matter to me.. I use my weekly pages the most.. they are first tab.. then I have notes. I write random things there... and my ORDERS tab.. then I have blog/Etsy , books, (keep track of books I want to read) ADDYS, and VET. then a tab that says TOP SECRET.. for my passwords lol
I added a sticky tab for that says CHECKOUT. I write down things I want to look up later. or blogs or something..
I do use a monthly page but just for reference to look up a date or something.. I didn't take pic of that...

 I have top tabs as well!!! I had laminated and made my own monthly tabs but decided it looked messy or something.. so I took them out and just stuck a sticky tab on each month. Better.
I have a page for Filo info... ideas for pages or what nots..
 This is my back page.. not too impressive lol I have a zippy pocket from a Day Runner planner I use to use..
 AND........... looky what I bought!!!Filo had these cute things on sale for 11$ each! with free shipping! They are Petal Pockets.. or Pocket Petals?? They are so little and cute!!! I wish I could use a pocket size but I don't think it would work out with me but never know.. maybe???
I bought one for a friend as a gift.. shhhhhhhhhh I don't think she even reads this!!! I thought I would save one back just to .....hmmm well...........just in case............a gift?? or just to look at it from time to time lol
I noticed I go to my FF first thing (after i start the coffee pot) to check what I have going with my day.. I use to check emails and blogs first.. lol

I have also bought a Holborn slim and use it for my checkbook. I have some diary pages and other inserts/dividers for personal and pocket. I might be able to let go if anyone is interested in them!!

So... thats my set up for my Holborn Personal FF.. I love it..Hope you enjoyed and hung in there with me!! 
Will be posting sewing next post!!!



  1. The Petal is so cute! I hope your friend loves it! If you decide to get rid of the inserts, I am interested.

    1. Yes I wont use some of the inserts from my personal and pocket(not from petals! lol) I will get back to you if you want to send me a email to appleheadthreads at gmail . com I can send you pics of what I available..

  2. I can see my stickers/stamps on your pages/today marker (^o^)!!! And your Petal binder is looking really attractive!

    1. I love my new stickers and stamps!! thank you !

  3. You are so crazy organized!!!!! The petal organizer is so cute! I love the big flower on the front. I'm glad we got your google+ all fixed up, so happy you were able to change back to blogger. phew lol!!


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