Saturday, November 3, 2012

My new obsession.............

Other then sewing... I have a obsession with paper , pens, stationary, planners, stickers, stamps......well you get the picture... I been using my own planner with printable pages for some time. I started following some new blogs on Filofax. Yes the expensive binders.. But with Amazon and good ole' Ebay you can get them at a affordable price.  I took the plunge and ordered my first Filofax last week. I won't go into details about all the different size's and names for these. I ordered a "personal" size , which basically fits a 3.75"x 6.75" paper inserts. This is the size above the second to last smaller of the size binders.. I think.... maybe third in line.. 
If you are bored you have permission to stop reading lol...... 
Well I received my order and thought oh this box looks small.. EEEKS its a pocket size.. I thought oh they sent me the wrong size.. looking at my order form on line .....oops!! I ordered wrong.. well geez they all look the same size on the web lol
I was getting it packed back in the box but got to looking it over and thought oh how cute it is.. SOOOO I decided to keep it ............and went back on line to re order the original one I wanted.. hehehehe 
It was a treat for me from selling some orders!!! 
I found out to be a Filofax user you can't just have one.. sort of like those certain potato chips they sell that are mmmmmmmmm so good... 
Ok here are pics of my new little baby that I am using as my wallet.. yes, I am NOT using a home made wallet and that has not happened in many many years.... 
But this is the Holborn pocket in brown. 
She is very soft.. its made of buffalo leather.. and as you can see the scale of the cutting mat it is sitting on its very little but holds a ton of stuff.. 

 I have room for my cards and there are 2 pockets behind that that is holding my cash. It came with a plastic divider that I keep doctor reminder cards inside..and of course I have to have my little post it reminders to what I need at Staples..
 I got this idea on a FF blog I follow to punch holes in a little zipper pouch.. I found a vinyl one and was a dilly to punch those holes in it but I made it happen.. It holds my change.. there is zipper compartment but my little fingers can not get down to get the change, plus it would never hold ALL my change that seems to breed inside my wallet.. breeding money?? YES that I do like!
 Another thing I made for it is a little folder like thing that has a plastic snap and it has all my note papers inside. I didn't like when I opened this wallet all that paper flipping around.. I found these little plastic type snap folders at Staples on clearance for .50cents and grabbed 3 of them. I knew what I wanted to do with them..I cut it apart and down to size I wanted and ta da!
 See, all snug behind its little snap
 The back of the wallet has 2 more pockets and a pen holder. Something else bought on my trip to Staples.. I heard a lot of good things about the Pilot Frixion erasable gel pen.. OHH I love them. It rubs off the ink not actually erases.. but I think its the same thing??? They don't leave any markings at all on the paper.. and it fits perfect in my little wallet.
 You can see the slot behind it all for cash or receipts, Which hold a tons of credit/debit card receipts...
This little baby can expand quit a bit!!
Did I tell you its soft??
I am jealous of the Filofax users that live across the big pond as they have shops they can actually go to and check them all out in person.. all the colors,, all the softness..
I get this way with fabric too LOL

Still with me?? If you are then be prepared to see more about these babies.. My second one I ordered was stuck in transit from the east coast and we all know who visited there ... I got a email Friday its been shipped from the warehouse and on its way!!! yay!!  You know, I will have to show that one off too with pics...=0)

I did sew this week.. been doing some custom wallets... have to show you this one as it was made just for a moleskin notebook... (another obsession I could easily start!!! )
This customer wanted a elastic on the outside for closure. The inside holds up to eight cards. has 2 cash pockets, one will hold his little notebook.. cute eh?? 

The note paper is just a demonstration to show where his little notebook would go. OH and it will hold a pen in the middle when closed.. as requested. = 0)

I started sewing some Christmas gifts up this week. My goal is to get them all done by the first of December! HA right....
ps.. I am eyeing another size binder that is a purple color.... I need to sell more stuff!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You'll be so organised with that filofax!! It's a good idea to put elastic on the wallet.

  2. You are so obsessed LOL!!! That wallet turned out really nice. It has lots of pockets!! I think your customer will be very happy!!! I can't stop looking at your cute!!!

  3. Me too! I'm waiting for a personal size Holborn from Filofax USA. I ordered it 11/1 and normally would have had it by Sat. But due to the storm it left there yesterday. I am tracking my Fedex receipt and it is due here to me in Michigan tomorrow! Yay! So far it's in transit and on time. Good. Now that I've seen your pocket Holborn I may have to think about that as a wallet. I have a pocket Malden but it didn't work out so well as a wallet so I don't know if it was maybe the card configuration or what. I like what you did with that plastic 'holder' from Staples. Would like to see a tutorial on that if possible! Thanks!

  4. That little "paper holder" you made is quite clever. I have the Holborn in the personal size and I love it. In my most humblest opinion, it is THE best Filofax ever. Then again, you can never have just ONE Filofax. Do share when the one you really wanted comes in. :)


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