Wednesday, April 24, 2013

For Sale... A Pocket Petal Filofax!!...SOLD !

Update....I sold my mom ! Haha she saw ..she wanted.... I'm doing two part posts here. One for a Filofax and one for my sewing stuff....
I debated on selling this.. I bought two of them last November ...One was a gift but I had got them on sale.. I see on filofax usa site they are on sale for $8.80 right now.. so that is little cheaper then what I bought mine for... On the United Kingdom site they are 9 pounds.. (sorry did not have that little mark on my keys!!)  wait is that right?? pounds? euro?? ugh sorry I'm not sure...Please correct me ...
As I said I'm debating to sell this as its so cheap now on line.. So here is the deal.. I will sell it for $7 plus shipping.... I will have to weigh and stuff to find out shipping costs..I will try to do it as cheap as I can.... OH as of today on the US site they are out of stock..
Ok here are pictures...
                                  Its a Black Petal Pocket.. you can read up on details HERE .
I did a close up on this.. on that top red petal there is a slight nail scratch.. yes I did it..first day I had it out and my stupid finger nail scratch it a bit.. but its not noticeable but in the light like this.. 

There is a back clear pocket with a pen tab..

This is the front opened .. 
It comes with all that came with it..I didn't use any pages.. (2013 year)

  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Front page four colour Petal print
  • Week on two pages 18 month diary, 5 language
  • Ruler-page marker, black
  • A–Z index, cream, three letters per tab
  • Pink, beige, yellow, blue and lavender ruled paper
  • Addresses, five language
  • To do, five language

 *I will add some little surprises in with the package!!! As a pen and paper lover/hoarder/collector I might need to de stash!!!



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