Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easy Sling Bag testing!!!!

The Flu bit me in the bum, not once but TWICE in one week! A week ago last Friday I started symptoms of   a cold but turned out I had Respiratory flu.. I was given better some what.. then BOOM I got the fun flu.. with the bathroom breaks one too many type of flu.. I'm hoping I got a handle on it and starting to recover. I AM making myself recover!  I was able to hold down some cereal , not a good choice but had to see for myself.. so far so good! I weighed myself this morning.. I lost 5 pounds since last Monday.. 

Ok on to important stuff!!! 

Right before I got sick I was given the opportunity to test a fun little bag pattern! If you followed me for some time you are familiar with Jane over on ProjectsbyJane . She has some really cute patterns and very easy to follow even if you are a starter outer sewer!
Here is what I made.. she gave me the option of the quilted flap.. CUTE!
It called for a wooden or metal ring for the strap.. I wanted the wooden one SOOO bad but of course none to been seen around my parts... 
This bag is plenty big for your everyday things.. and light on the shoulder! It is a cross body sling bag so you are hands free! 
You can check out her BAGS of the same pattern HERE . This bag comes with three flap options...
She also added ON THE SPOT download to all her patterns in her shop!!! 
I mentioned getting a tutorial together.. That is my next step.. Hint.. something to keep certain little "things" organized . I use these "things" every single day! lol hmmmmm
OH OH almost forgot! I am on Instagram!  
I might be posting some sneaky peeks of my tute from there.. =0) soooo go follow ! I'm always looking for new people to follow as well!!! 
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  1. Suzee, so lovely of you to post about the sling bag and linking to me. And thanks for testing even tho' you're sick. On the up side, you did lose 5 pounds. Oh, I have a discount code EASY20 to get 20% off my Etsy bag patterns for 1 week.

  2. Suzee!!! Rest up!!! You'll get better soon =D
    You did such a nice job sewing up Jane's pattern!! I hope your new bag gets lots of use =D I love the quilted flap.


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