Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm slacking off big time here. But not because I don't want to ! I been trying to say everyday , I know I can, I know I can.. get everything done by that big day!!! AND I am! ALMOST finished with everything! I made all my Christmas gifts this year but a couple. And those will be gift cards! hehehe

But I'm not ready to show off all my pretty's I've been making. Will spoil the surprises if they read this!

But I got a sort of free sale here! lol  Best sale ever huh??
Remember those back packs a few months back I made for a custom order and well she decided she didn't want them. .. long I'm offering these back packs free! Just pay shipping!!! All I have invested in them is my time. But that time has been long gone lol so if anyone knows a couple of little boys that are names Vince or Ben they could be yours to the taking!!! They will fit a preschooler.. OHH heres a picture of them...

Yes again, FREE! with paid shipping of course......... but they are light about I could squish one or both into a flat rate box or envie for $5.  The only thing I ask of you PLEASE do not resale these?? That wouldn't be very nice now would it?? =)
I just need to clean out my cabinets and cubby holes because I'm going to get busy again after the holidays and make some things for my Etsy store..yay.
So there ya have it.. I got to post something!! I hope everyone is well and staying warm! You Aussies hush now ok??! lol

Did you go enter in some of Sew Mama Sew's giveaways!!!! eeeeeeee! of course I did!!!!
Stay safe!


  1. I wish I new a Vince or a Ben, but I don't :(

  2. I wish I knew a Vince or Ben, those bags are so fun I hope they go to someone who just loves them so much. . It's been unseasonably cool this summer. I'm wearing boots and a wooly top.


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