Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I won.. again.. =)

yep yep..I'm getting a lotto ticket Saturday!!

But anyways I won a pattern from Shoeology ...sorry not whats picture..story of those follows... http://www.etsy.com/shop/shoeology This is her Etsy shop and I won the Gilligan pattern!! I have never made SHOES for me before! But I'm going to try it! They look soft and comfy and can't wait to try them! The pattern came with several sizes too!  OH I almost forgot also I won ANOTHER bag from http://greenbaglady.blogspot.com/ I love her bags and have made alot of them from her pattern. I do make them for anyone for free!!! (trying to use some older fabric up!!) We have to get rid of those ugly plastic bags one shopper at a time!!!

OK final thing.... I made these little wallets today. My mom wanted a little wallet for her cards and I whipped this up this morning.. She will have her pick..There's a little story for her wanting this. I gave her a "tea wallet" and had put tea bags in it. well one day shopping with her I noticed she was using it for her credit cards.. I said "hmm mom that was suppose to be for your tea bags" She said to me "oh..I wondered why you put those in there and thought it was a regular card wallet." 
Well. few days past and she calls me asking me to make her a new wallet.. she said she had a little fumble with her "wallet" and all her cards fell all over Walmart floor. I guess my sister was with her and they was laughing and sister said.. "mom all your tea bags fell out" .......snorts.
I love my mom and I always have a blast shopping with her,she's always doing something funny!!! LOVE YA MOM!! 


  1. Congrats again! You do know you won 2 patterns right? One from Birdiful Stitches too! Lucky girl!

  2. You definitely have to buy a lotto ticket!! Your mum sounds like so much fun!! I love the idea of a tea wallet, I carry some to work just wrapped up in cling wrap, A good excuse to use up some of my little scraps. Looking forward to seeing the shoes you make.

  3. OH I didn't know about the one from Birdiful Stitches!! I haven't received anything in the email yet.. better go check that out..Yes Rachael she is!!! Me and my sisters get together with her and always laughing !!! Thank you for the comments! I can't wait to get make these shoes ! (good excuse to get more fabric hehe)


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