Saturday, June 18, 2011


Go here and enter a great fabulous! giveaway from Shawna at 1 Choice 4 Quilting. I love her shop!! She also has a 20% sale going on off anything in her store!! Go take a gander...
 Also I want to share my grand daughters new easy peasy little summer dress I made from some of that fabric Dana gave me..Zoey loves it.. When I showed it to her she grabbed it and loved it like a little doll baby lol. Then I put it on her and she danced around and kept rubbing her little tummy while smiling. Well, I'll defiantly have to make her more!!

I think she was showing a little too much leg in this one. hehe
 I got the pattern from a blog few days ago and I usually write the name of the blog on the pattern if its not already..well I forgot and now after searching blog land I can't seem to locate it :(  I need to find it tho and write it on my pattern. I altered the neck line abit too..It had a simple neckline but it looked so small so i cut it lower as a V and like it better this way.
I'll find it and post that soon!


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