Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year's ..what do you call it??

I hardly ever have a New Year's resolution... because it's another list I have to follow..BUT!!!! but !!! back in December I told myself , we need to stockpile food, and cut back waste...and SAVE MONEY.. well the first two things we were already doing..(high five for us), but that saving money thing I laugh every time..

But ya know.. I started doing this coupon thing and I've saw some things happening!!
We have some money left :)))) Next month I am doing a budget (better then I have been doing) So we will see...I will have to back off the Joann fabric shopping !! naww I can still look.. and they still have the coupon sales!!

Here is a little thing I made and will make more for the kiddies for Valentines Day..I think they are adorable.. Reusable vinyl baggies.. This one I gave to  my granddaughters Mom, Liz (love them both) and put Zoey's medicine in to carry in a purse..
It has a tight Velcro closure so nothing slips out.. I got this tutorial at Zaaberry blo .

Ok, my dog wants to play "food" .. I have to throw her dog food at her so she can flip it around until she eats it.. lol

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