Tuesday, January 11, 2011

coupon kick going on...

My neice showed my on her facebook page what she got for free using coupons and watching out for special offers at certain shops.. well , I'm addicted already! For once I can't wait to go shopping! yep I'm one of the few women that hates to shop unless it's at Joanns lol. (or any craft/fabric store!)
Our winter weather has hit and I thought I would sew all day.. nope been on the computer looking up coupon deals.haha.
I'll be putting some new buttons on the page to show support and where I go to find them.
I'm loving all the  comments ! Not many but it's a start :) thank you my friends!
OH here is one thing I did make awhile back and wanted to share...
They look like coasters huh? well I love my coffee and these little babies are poptart or any sweets coasters. Or coffee mug rugs. I got this little cute idea here ..

Saltwater Kids

I LOVE HER SITE! lots of goodies there to make..
Then I made some Un-paper napkins,
I found this idea here... My Happy Crazy Life . This lady is awesome and some of her stuff she has made amazes me. She lives a green life I tell ya. (I'm not ready to give up my toilet tissue ! ) but I have been trying to recycle more and make things that I can re-use.
Last I need to post that I sent in a picture of me using my green bag I won from The Green bag lady and she posted my pictures I sent to her on her site.. :) If anyone wants a green bag I have some extra's I made and do make them if requested..for free of course. Plus, if anyone has fabric to donate I will make them from donated fabric and send back to ya :)
Hope everyone stays warm in this snow storm that is hitting most of us mid to east coast..even down south.. eeks.

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