Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I thought I would lay off the sewing after Christmas for few days..weeks..months?? nawww , after a couple of days I was back in there.. I made a list for myself to make things for me .. at least a couple of things. I have a couple of things in mind to design a purse I've been wanting to try. Speaking of purses, my momma gave me some quilt blocks (she a big time quilter) here is her link to her site that my brother made for her. Leona"s Quilts
But anywho.. my mom gave me some of these quilt blocks that she either made too many for a quilt or messed up on them or something, asked if I could do something with them. I thought they would be cute tote bags and here's the outcome of one..this is one purse front and back views.

I made a liner to go in it with pockets.. I can't wait to show her , she will probably take it! As long as she give's me more blocks..teehee
Here is something I done for fun ... but have used! yep its from a dog food bag.. its very strong too.

I decided to make some little crafts up and try to sell them. So, I opened a etsy account. Wish me luck. I been browsing alot on on there and thought,hey I can do this..
I have no resolutions this year, I just have wishes for my family.. well I can't tell you those or they won't come true ... :) enjoy your new year everyone.


  1. Adorable totes!

    I'm hoping to start a few quilts this month. We should have a "Quilt Along"!


  2. thanks..but I don't quilt my mom does.she has a small club she gets with to quilt(mostly talk i think). I made one quilt YEARS ago but just the top, she quilted it for me hehe..i'll come along to talk tho :)


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